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introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

hi, im new to gaining stuffing myself makes me feel so amazing and so turned on , so yeah i'm a total feedee. i'm looking for a feeder to stuff me and also friends/ people like me!

introduction/ say hi thread1 week

Hi! I'm 30, female, and in an open marriage. I'm active on fetlife, and I saw someone link to this site, and it looked really interesting. I love being a fat girl, and love food, haha, so I am excited to explore a kink like this.

introduction/ say hi thread6 days

Hello all, I'm [Real name redacted] but go by Midnight27 online after being a long time lurker around the fetish for a while I have decided to pop my head out of the woodwork. I am irl actually quite thin with an athletic build (and likely staying that way) however strangely I greatly enjoy the concept of being a fatty and mostly do so through RP. I hope you all don't mind my thinness it will hopefully be corrected in time.

introduction/ say hi thread6 days

Might as well add to this

Hello there, joined 4 months ago but just now got around to adding on to my profile

25 male feeder from Northern Virginia
Not entirely sure what to expect, but I've lurked in the community for a while haha

introduction/ say hi thread6 days

Hi smiley
Came around few times, being the first after hearing about feederism and people that, like me, prefer themselves fat or fatter. I have been on my way for too long, ups and downs, going up with my weitght hoping that nothing happens on my way and it drops down again.
The idea of being feed exists but its just an idea. Even tho, its getting harder and harder to keep it hidden and quiet as I get older and my brain starts putting me on these situations.
I consider myself to be demisexual, not sure if it means something to you, but in simple terms is that I kind of feel sexual if I have feelings for you, which makes things a little more complicated for me. Which doesnt mean that Im not chatty af.
For now, thats whats matters.
Hope to hear from you all

introduction/ say hi thread4 days

Decided to join just because I kind of lacked any community to frequent and thought I'd give this one a shot since I share this particular kink.
It's always kind of been in my life, and there a lot of reasons it's developed though it's only been over the past couple years that I've really embraced it.

I'm go either way, feeder or feedee. Depends on the person I'm talking to. I'm willing to start gaining again if I find the right girl who would like it and I'm also quite willing to be a very generous feeder.
I'm very open in terms of limits, reality or fantasy, that sort of thing. And really, I mainly just want some new people to talk to.
Hopefully I'll hear from some of you in the future ^^
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