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would you rather...(for gainers and feedees)1 month

2 my greatest fantasy is that I will meet a woman significantly larger than me who will constantly remind me that I'm so small and need to fatten up.

would you rather...(for gainers and feedees)1 month

2 - would need the discipline, but 3 would also be hot

would you rather...(for gainers and feedees)2 weeks

Definitely 3. Why should the fun only be on one person? Both should share the fun together smiley

would you rather...(for gainers and feedees)2 weeks

1, I like the idea of being surprised with weight gain. Like noticing in the mirror that Iíve gotten much bigger.

However I donít think 3 would be bad either.

would you rather...(for gainers and feedees)2 weeks

My wife, in order of pleasure:

3- Having a lovey dovey romantic encourager who makes sure you are gaining as comfortably as possible?
[That's me.
After a long day, coming home, boy's got food on the oven and ice cream in the freezer.
I'll get it for her so she doesn't have to get up.
And the more she eats, the more beautiful she becomes!
She says I'm like a girl's dream come true!]

4- Having a boy-toy encourager for you to boss around and send him to run food errands?
[She doesn't boss me, so much as humbly beg for more ice cream and pudding-
But I'm a night owl who loves long walks with headphones, and desserts are DAMN CHEAP.
Why shouldn't I go out and get her some?]

5- Having an encourager who is more verbally teasing calling you names and slapping your fat around?
[That's me when I'm kinky.
She loves her food, enjoys getting huge and soft, and knows I think her big body is lovely.
So when I call her "an obese f_____ pig" when I get a little worked up, we both know it's because I adore her, and perverts have weird ways of expressing their love!]

2- Submitting willingly to a dominant feeder who takes full control over your gaining?
[She loves asking permission for things 'normal' women wouldn't when it comes to her eating habits. 'Can I get another helping?' 'Can I get some ice cream now? 'Is it all right if I fall asleep after eating? I might get fat...'

But she isn't doing it because she's submissive so much as because she knows I'll say YES to her and she likes it!]

1- Having a sneaky feeder who tries to fatten you up without your knowledge or consent?
[Not really her scene.
For us, the joy of her weight gain has been her stuffing all that food into her own face!
So enthusiastic!

She knows EXACTLY why she's so fat!]

would you rather...(for gainers and feedees)3 days

Can I get the #3 please?
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