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she said yes!2 weeks

Hi everyone! So long story short, dating my girlfriend for about a year. I came out of the chubby closet to her early in our relationship, and she finally gave me the green light to feed her and watch her grow! She's a fairly thin girl and been wanting to gain weight for a while now, so I'm glad she's doing this for her, and not only me.

I want her to have a healthy gain, and asking for some tips from you guyssmiley I heard shakes for bodybuilders might work? Any ideas?

she said yes!1 week

Congratulations! About the bodybuilding shake, there's too much protein in them, so there's the risk of kidney stones. However, what you can try is 1cup milk, 1 cup heavy cream, 1/4 can sweetened condensed milk and 4scoops Cytocarb. Put whatever flavor you want in there, like banana or peanut butter or chocolate syrup.

she said yes!2 days

It's all about calories, and lots of them so feed her plenty of healthy calories. Bread drenched in olive oil will set her on the right track. And look at all the calories in yogurt. Sweetened it tastes like dessert. It's not that hard to eat a whole 16 oz. carton. Start by looking at a calorie chart, choose the healthiest foods with the most calories, find recipes that feature them, start cooking up a storm, and then experience the thrill of watching her grow.