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So I've been dating the most wonderful girl for the last 5 1/2 months. At 5ft4 and 16st/230lbs when we first met, she has always been a big girl, but has steadily been making her way towards 17st since meeting me despite not being a feedee/gainer, she had been enjoying the freedom to eat as much as she wants and has a new found love for her belly...

However, she still dislikes her love handles and her deposits of underarm fat despite my  attempts to persuade her otherwise. This got me thinking though- these are features I rarely see on larger women- many women around the same size as my girlfriend don't seem to have them and many women much bigger don't either despite having much fatter arms.

Are these features that people have just gotten good at hiding photographs or is it something that becomes negligible the bigger or smaller you get? It would be good to reassure her!

underarm fat4 days

its common just hidden.
it was in fashion at one time smiley

underarm fat4 days

This sounds so sad.

underarm fat4 days

This sounds so sad.

I know what you mean - thankfully she doesn't actually hate her body compared to some people out there, and she is very receptive to body positivity. But she does feel that societal pressure, especially when it comes to the kind of clothes she should wear and what should be on show (i.e. the aforementioned underarm fat and love handles).

Trying to foster more body positivity is slightly more difficult though if it turns out everyone else wants to hide these bits too!

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I understand.