I met and fell in love with someone I enjoyed hanging with and decided to be the one to give her her wish...
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2 months
** CH 7 coming soon --- Thanks for your patience, as I have been in the process of moving to a new apartment
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3 weeks
This is a request story :) Bobby has been married to Alison for 2 years, but she feels there's something missing. A trip to the local Occult shop changes everything with the click of her fingers
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A young professional woman admires a growing man from afar. Will they get together one day? Story is told from the woman's point of view.
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A woman begins gaining weight again. (with a little help along the way)
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3 days
Someone is behind Lucy heartfilia's weight gain... who could be making the blonde more plump on purpose? Weight gain story Fairy tail Fairy tail weight gain Lucy heartfilia weight gain Lucy weight gain Lucy belly Lucy feedee
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A chubby redhead tricks her boyfriend to stay with her in hopes of falling in love after she fakes a pregnancy. Uses him to fatten her up. Read and enjoy
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9 years
A Girl moves in with her "Generous Aunt"
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8 years
A summer weekend at her aunts house has Tiffany growing into a plump, demanding young woman!
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A girl takes a look into her future self and she isn't as small as she thought she would be.
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