Dumped for gaining weight, Gwen takes the initiative to embrace her growth after meeting a feeder and signing up for a new progressive medical expiriment
51 chapters, bbw weightgain
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This is based on my real life experiences. I'm a feedee/gainer. These are tales of stuffings, scolding and more! Enjoy!
7 chapters, bbw weightgain
23320 views, 28 likes, 10 comments
A fantasy about me! I find a couple of friends at a local bakery and they soon discover what I'm into, so they start to blow me up like a balloon!
1 chapter, bhm weightgain
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Lily signs up to spend the rest of her life on a gaining cruise, eating and exploring the many facets of pleasure nonstop.
5 chapters, bbw extreme obesity
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A girl named emily that thought about gaining weight but wasnt too sure until the day she realized that she would be better off as the fattest person in the world in earth where fat was the new norm
1 chapter, bbw extreme obesity
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My first day as assistant teacher. One of the students has her lustful eye on me as mine is on her.
1 chapter, bbw weightgain
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Isla first met Keanan in high school, when he was a football player with an eating problem. Now, as a single mom of two, she takes her children to a carnival and is shocked to find out just who the carnival "fat man" is...
1 chapter, bhm extreme obesity
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2 months
A man runs into a woman on the street, a relationship blossoms along with her waistline
8 chapters, bbw weightgain
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Dylan has just finished another great baseball season, and is planning for the next one. He starts bulking, for offseason but is slowly getting out of hand.
1 chapter, bhm weightgain
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Desiree is sorely mistaken if she thinks she can keep her model figure with her bf Ryan around...
2 chapters, bbw weightgain
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