A princess resigns herself to a loveless arranged marriage with the prince of a neighbouring kingdom. But things change when she begins to notice her new husband's growing waistline.
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First chapter is from my real life. The others are parts from this amazing dream I had. Enjoy
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Just a little fantasy of mine I'd like to share, it's a little make-believe in places and fairly erotic. I'm not all that great at writing but i hope you guys enjoy the read.
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6 months
Melody has plumped up after a recent breakup and she's reconnected with a boyfriend who wants her fatter.
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A group of young women sign on to become the apprentice of a mysterious and perverted wizard
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After being changed physically to meet the desires of the buyer, Rebecca is delivered to her new owner, 'Daddy.'
17 chapters, straight female
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Another night at the Italian place!
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Just a little something to peak your interest
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Female weight gain, stuffing, ballooning
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2 years
Jane has gained a lot of weight over the summer, and her soccer coach and mother are not happy about it. She discovers, however, that she likes having her weight gain pointed out, and she isn't terribly sure how she feels about this.
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