Kenna has always been fat. But her mom will make her more than that...
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a little dislocated prose from a somewhat twisted space. I wrote this a couple years ago but never finished nor polished it. Never posted it for those, and other, obvious, reasons. Contains insane narrators, pathos, and is dark and weird. Enjoy!
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A mother worried about her daughter's weight tries to fatten her up, but she should watch her own waistline (first story)
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Rail-thin Jasper wants to take control of feeding/fattening Carrie, who's doing a great job on her own
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2 years
A man plans to fatten his new wife into a cow, whether she likes it or not.
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4 months
The sleep over of a lifetime... (Might contain force feeding, sex, stuffing.. Ya know the good stuff) New chapters every day or every other day... Enjoy!
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One man lovingly and nuturingly fattens the women in his life
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This story is in dutch
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3 days
When his boss offers him the opportunity of a lifetime, Fry and his friends start to live life however they want to, no matter the consequences.
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Declan meets a new woman in his life and feels content with his lot. He didn't know his new wife's history though, nor her future plans
4 chapters, 0 male immobility
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