6 years
Update! 10/16/17 Its been almost 3 years! And I'm back baby! New content coming soon! Let me know whachu wanna see!!!!
15 chapters, straight female
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Relationships and weight gain
7 chapters, straight male
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2 months
Donna wakes up to quite the surprise.
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A long, slow, but hopefully enjoyable WG fairy tale. A simple baker's apprentice, Niall's life takes a turn for the strange as, one evening, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman emerges into it.
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A company offers to pay people willing to undergo a six-month course testing the effects of their new brand of medically safe immobility pills. (remaking this story since I couldn't log into my other acc.)
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Based on a fetish module written for a table-top pen and paper fantasy role playing game, Freija Caldwynn, the half-nymph half-shifter handmaiden of the goddess Sune, investigates the disappearance of an heiress. Hijinks ensue and girls get fat.
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Elena works with a hot boy. She doesn't know that he's a feeder, and a crush from the past. Yet...
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What do you do when you're repulsed by your girlfriend's weight gain, but she keeps getting hornier with every pound? Start a website giving lucky chubby-chasers the chance to feed, humiliate and f**k her on film, of course!
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6 months
Mindy has a magic journal...
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moving to the mid west can have a huge affect on a person
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