Looking for (f) feeder; my (f) feedee is approaching immobility

Long story short: I’m looking for a female feeder interested in helping me take care of and enjoy my girl as she approaches immobility soon.

Hello all, I’ve been on this site for a while and met my feedee here. Can honestly say I’m in the best relationship of my life with her and the feeling is mutual. She is rapidly approaching immobility and is 850lbs approx right now, we both feel like immobility is around the corner for her possibly by the end of the year. She has been my full time feedee living with me the past 3 years eating on average 7k calories a day. She has a heavy piggy kink and gets off to the thought of becoming a blob that is too fat to leave the bed. She is a 100% submissive who also draws enjoyment from being obedient. I still need to work unfortunately to take care of her and I and to keep her fed. I’m here looking for any likeminded lady that may be interested in meeting and helping take care of my feedee (and who also draws enjoyment from extreme fattening). It’s a long shot seeing if anyone is local so I will probably be repeatedly posting this request. Please DM me if interested or just curious - Ideally I’d like to take anyone interested out to a public place, like at buffet while she is still mobile (she has a wheelchair), as an interview as my feedee gluts herself. It will also be to show that I’m serious about the request in a public and safe environment and that we are real people. Thanks again community!
4 weeks