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Butt sweat

That’s a rather unfortunate circumstance man it’s not gross don’t let people tell you that it’s just your body functioning, I’d avoid shorts try wearing only slacks
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Butt sweat

I hope this doesn’t gross anyone out but couldn’t find anything directly related to this but I did find a little about general hygiene while gaining.

So I have always been a heavy sweater, every since I was a kid I sweat heavily but I was very slim into adulthood. I never had an issue with my butt sweating until I got up around 230 pounds or so. But since then, if I sit on a leather/vinyl/plastic seat, it seems like humidity sort of gathers under me, leaving sort of a streak of moisture behind for a few minutes or so.

I use wipes when needed, body powder as needed. But this happens straight out of the shower. It’s like my skin just gets sort of clammy down there or something. There’s no smell or anything to it. It’s just sweat.

The reason I ask is because, as I consider growing even larger, I want to have this in order or see what others do to manage or eliminate it.

I appreciate any advice or experience you may be willing to share.

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I'm a woman with thick thighs. My butt doesn't sweat, but it gets hot between my legs. I strongly recommend wearing cotton underwear that's not tight. Also, invest in moisture wicking sportswear.
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