Suddenly developed icecream intolerance

I’ve grown a big visceral belly in the last 10 months, going from 190 lbs to 330.

My method has been gorging thoughout the day, and drinking melted icecream at night. At first I’d drink 2 pints, but worked my way up to 6, spread over a few hours and in 2-pint increments.

And, it worked wonderfully.

Around 4 months ago, I started developing a gag reflex when drinking the icecream. It wasn’t anything particularly concerning at first.

Then, a month ago, after a huge dinner, I started drinking my first two pints. After a gag or two, suddenly I vomited - icecream, dinner, everything.

I took a break for a few days, then reintroduced icecream. Just two pints. It was ok for a few days, but then, again, vomit.

I’ve taken two weeks off from it, and and tried it again a few nights ago - vomit once more.

A few observations:

(1) by eating like an utter pig, I seem to have got into the bad habit of not swallowing food entirely. I’ve got into the habit of allowing some dregs to stay in my gullet. This has produced a gag reflex sometimes when eating regular food, but I have been able to fix that by eating more slowly and deliberately. It may be that when chugging icecream I simply can’t be deliberate enough.

(2) gaining weight has produced some structural changes to the area of the tonsil. I’m snoring a lot, probably at risk of developing sleep apnœa, and it’s possible that that is contributing to gag reflex when drinking a very thick drink.

In any case, I’ve shifted to a more drinkable weight gain powder/heavy cream combination, which hasn’t produced any vomiting so far.

Have any of you experienced something similar?

You have to be careful with extreme stuffings as it can wreck your internals. The human body wasn't made to handle all of this abuse. You need to give your body time to recover or the problems will get worse.

Nothing wrong with being intense, but it isn't sustainable.
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