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if you need someone to talk to about it, I'm open. I can help you decide what you should do.

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Hey, not *just* horny boys saying "do it, do it, do it"... there's horny girls out there too smiley

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[quote=purple^sneakers]Hey, not *just* horny boys saying "do it, do it, do it"... there's horny girls out there too smiley[/quote]
....yeah... don't forget about the horny girls... I don't know why so many guys seem to forget that it's not just the men who get wild and horny. Maybe it has something to do with too many guys substituting actual dating/relationships with an expensive porn habit.

To get back on topic...

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to gain, read Dr. Feeder's "Deciding to Get Fat" article which might or might not help.

I also have a post somewhere on this board about a similar issue, but was more focused on deciding what you want for yourself as opposed to what other people want for you.

The forum thread is here:

14 years

It's not that so much as the fact that men outnumber the ladies by a significant factor. Add to that the probability that males will respond to a post more readily than females (see this site's stats) and you will agree that I was not being arbitrarily sexist.

I'd have to agree with you... and I wasn't targeting my comment at anyone in particular, I was just being funny.

On a more serious note:

I'd imagine that there are just about as many women who are into gaining/feeding as there are men. Because of current social pressures women - as a group - (Yes I realize this doesn't apply to all women.) tend to be less vocal about their sexual wants/needs.

Also, because of the huge difference in the number of posts submitted here by men, a woman thinking of posting here might feel a bit like being on that nude beach with the "sausage" fest on the movie Eurotrip.