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biggest overstuffing?7 years

I went to a crappy country restaurant that had a small buffet but I hate a huge amount, I don't remember exactly how much but it was painful. Probably the only time that I felt actual pain from my stomach stretching and not just the urge to vomit.

On average I eat around 5 plates or so at most buffets not counting dessert and I usually don't pile them up like I did there.

biggest overstuffing?7 years

I've had a good many overstuffings, but I'll to you about a recent one.
Before I go to see any relative I usually eat a big meal. I know I'll eat again while I'm there but I don't want to go hungry eating the same amount as everyone else does. I went through the drive-thru at McDonald's and got four double cheeseburgers, a large fry and a vanilla shake and ate them on the way to my aunt's. While I was at my aunt's I ate cheese and crackers, ribs, two baked potatoes with toppings, three corn on the cob and some sort of fruit salad dessert thing with whipped cream. When it was time to go my aunt gave me a big container full of cookies she had baked for me. I love her cookies and I ended up eating them all without thinking as I drove home. When I got out of the car I realized how stuffed I really was. My belly was aching badly. Usually if I drink some Coke I start to feel better, but that night it felt like my belly kept getting tighter as I drank. I ended up sitting propped up in bed and panting.

biggest overstuffing?7 years

Last big stuffing was 8 chicken wings, 4 chicken thighs, two 1/4 pound cheese burgers and 4 iced ring doughnuts.

biggest overstuffing?7 years

12kj wrote:
My last big stuffing was a few days ago. I ate unitl it hurt and then continue until I felt uber-full and continued doing this throughout the weekend(She even got a funnel out).

I know how this sounds and all but I have never been so freaking full in my entire life...not sure I want to eat like this again either.

Was it not enjoyable?

biggest overstuffing?6 years

My all-time record for pizza is 37 slices. I drank only water that day, and had no extras (i/e bread sticks or pasta) but yea. That's still a huge amount of pizza.

biggest overstuffing?6 years

OniGumo wrote:
My all-time record for pizza is 37 slices.

Holy hell, you just helped me set a(n eventual) goal. I can get 16 slices down, but that's my limit. I'm not sure yet if it's due to eating only pizza; if I switch up the toppings between the two, and add some other stuff, I could very likely get down more. What complements pizza to keep the taste buds from getting bored?

biggest overstuffing?6 years

I've definitely had by fair share of belly busting stuffing sessions. But the One where I stuffed the most had to have been my birthday two years ago.

I was spending the evening by myself and celebrating with friends the next day, so I figured I'd go to the store and occupy the rest of my night with one of my favorite things to do... EAT!

When I had returned from the store I had purchased two cooked and ready rotisserie chickens, some Reese's peanut butter cup Ice cream, a bag of chicken nuggets, a box of taquitos, and a box of corn dogs. Plus, on top of all of that, I stopped at Little Cesar's on the way home and picked up two hot and ready pizzas and a two liter of Pepsi.

I managed to eat both pizzas, both chickens, the whole bag of nuggets, about 20 taquitos, and downed the whole 2-liter bottle. At this point I was already at full capacity. I was struggling, shaking even, to get more food into my mouth. I slowly and very carefully made my way back to the kitchen from my room to get the ice cream. When I finally had the ice cream in my hands, I didn't even bother to go back to my room. I grabbed a spoon and started eating it out of the carton. After about two bites in I did get a little sick. But it wasn't too bad. twice, right in the sink. It was very quick and very small. So even after that, I went back to my room and medicated in hopes that it would help me continue eating.. and I got about halfway through the carton.

That was definitely the most I've ever eaten.... smileysmileysmileysmiley

biggest overstuffing?6 years

Just in time for the answer to this question...

The last sunday I've been to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And, I've discovered, the best kind of food to bloat me to thel imit, is sushi. I've eat more than I've never imagine. This have surprised me, it was the last thing I tought could make me to eat so much!

biggest overstuffing?6 years

My large stuffing are 1 pound of pasta and 2 pounds of wieners... i can't move normally that day

biggest overstuffing?4 years

plumpkate wrote:
I'm not sure if an a whole day's quantity counts, but if it does, well then I've definitely maxed out! This morning, I had some french bread, jam, and brie. Then at lunch, I put a stuffed crust oven-bake pizza in and finished all of it in the course of an our with two cans of Pepsi and four large cookies. Swollen to bursting, I posted a couple of pics here, took a nap, and managed a small homemade milkshake when I woke up. My next meal was a cheeseburger with only mustard and pickles, fries dipped in truffled mayo, and a Diet Coke, refilled twice. Two hours later, I ordered two burritos from Taco Bell, and was able to finish one and a half before needing to stop. After resting, enjoying an evening of TV, wine, and a back and belly rub, I had a late night serving of pasta-- a full bowl with Parmesan cheese sprinkles. I weighed in, just for fun-- since I weighed this morning with an empty stomach at 173. At this
moment, I'm 180.2!!!

It's a Great idea to do the morning and night weighing on a big stuffing day! And hopefully a couple lbs will still be there this morning. Followed by an even tastier and bigger stuffing on Saturday. You could even try for
fun to best last night's number.And while we're on the subject. Sunday can be Monumental. Breakfast buffets. Football with beer nachos wings pizza.Your Monday weigh in should be Amazing. smiley
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