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profile lookups from individual story pages fails4 years

Section: Stories: individual story pages

When one attempts to check the profile of someone who has commented on a story, the resulting page appears to be “nearby profiles” instead.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Go to any individual story page. I tried several different stories and pages (1st., 2nd., etc.), with the identical failure on each. I first found the problem on:

2) Scroll down to the comments section. Click the text link for anyone’s profile.

Expected result: their profile will be displayed
Actual result: “nearby” profiles are displayed

Note: if one backs out to the main Stories index page and clicks the text link for a user profile there, the system correctly displays that user’s profile. I believe i have found the difference:

URL on the individual story page (fails):

URL on the main Stories page (works):

/member appears to be missing from the individual story pages. I tested this with many different members and the result was identical.

Hoping this may be an easy template change (or similar),


profile lookups from individual story pages fails4 years

This should now be fixed smiley