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share your dark fantasies3 years

Dark feederism fantasy #1: Heaving your massive belly off of the bed, slowly easing yourself up, and methodically wading through the quivering folds and bulges of cellulite that hang off your body like a prison of flesh, only to discover the only door into the room is a foot and a half too narrow for your beanbag chair of an ass.

It's that age old story, having my body somehow taken over by a force, or someone force feeding me through a tube. Tying my legs and ankles to the bed. Someone taking pleasure in forcing food into me, making my body swell to unmeasurable proportions! Beyond my control, this dominant one has an evil smile, takes an evil erotic delight in my growing body. Then my capture might move me to another room, perhaps on a couch, or outside. Tying my arms up above my head, he inspects my body. "No! Not fat enough. She must be bigger! " The tube goes back into my throat and down my stomach and a fattening liquid gushes into my gullet! I start to feel my clothes tightening more and more! I feel my stomach turn into roll after roll! My legs spread wide apart to make room for the growing fat around my thighs.

The controller watches me grow bigger and bigger with a devilish smile. His eyes viewing every part of my naked, fat blob of a body! "Fatter! Bigger"! he yells...I gag at the intake of liquid down my throat, He grabs me by the back of the head and says into my ear, "Take it all baby! Take it all down your throat"! I gulp faster and faster to keep from being punished. Again my body reacts to the liquid food and it swells up again!

"Please! No more"! I gasp! He looks at me and says, "just because you asked me to stop, I'm going to double the amount! Let her have it boys! Make her take it all!"

I gulp faster and faster, spitting up this thick fattening liquid. Wanting to just stop fighting, and tired now, I get into a swallowing pattern with the tube. I figure out how to keep my throat open, and let it flow down my throat. I keep taking it in, more and more. Knowing the more I drink, the larger my body will get.

Finally he lets me loose and orders me to stand up for inspection before he has his way with me. I stand up, almost tipping over, I feel my huge hanging belly hanging so low that it touches the ground! My ass is so huge, that it also touches the ground, but also goes so high, it hits the back of my head! I can't put my arms down due to the fat underneath my arms.

OK, that was longer than I anticipated, see what you started SubPiggy?

share your dark fantasies3 years

I'm a sissy baby, and I love that my body is becoming both more feminine and more babylike as I grow.

I buy adult baby diapers on eBay...I'll put them on, suck in as hard as i can, and then secure them as tight as possible with packing tape. then i exhale and my belly overflows them. Then I put on a tiny t-shirt, usually with something like tinkerbell on it, and i've achieved the look I want more than anything: a giant baby growing out of my clothes.

share your dark fantasies3 years

I've actually acquired a dark fantasy I quite enjoy recently--thinking about it, it most likely spurred from the love I've always had for Spider Man and Venom as a child, and I've been reading more about my two favorite Marvel characters recently too.

Digressing, I love the idea of being a superheroine--a bit thick bodied, but definitely nowhere near fat. I come across a new villain in the city--a deadly and large monster that strikes in the darkness, gobbling up the townsfolk and causing general mayhem. I go to defeat him, but I'm much to weak for this behemoth...and right when I think I'm about to be killed, he instead knocks me out and drags me off to his lair.

There, he removes my mask and reveals my secret identity. I wake up, horrified as he uses this to blackmail and threaten me. I think he's about to kill me, but instead he presents me with all sorts of fattening foods and forces me to eat them, lest he destroys me or reveals my secret identity to the world. Terrified, I'm force fed by this beastly villain until I can no longer move, him threatening to devour me and taunting me the entire time...and become even more horrified when I realize I'm aroused. Unable to deny my sexual arousal and the immense attraction to my enemy, I confess my sin to him and we make love together.

The next day I awake in my own home, and can't help but believe it to have all been a dream. I slowly learn this isn't true by the claw marks on my property--small symbols to let me know he was there. As time goes on, more and more claw marks appear closer to my house, warning me of his presence--terrified, I begin to stress eat, the only way to relieve my tension. I then start seeing shadows moving in my home, near windows and hallways at work, hearing low growls when I'm all alone. Over the weeks I begin to pack on the pounds, becoming quite fat in a short amount of time. I'm being stalked and I grow increasingly paranoid, terrified of the beast that pursues me. I'm unable to don my costume and seek him out to battle out of fear of our last encounter and his current stalking, and can only watch the news with a guilty and regretful expression when I see what he's done to the innocents in light of my fearful cowardice.

One night, as my naked belly raises higher and higher, food wrappers around me and a vibe to provide masturbatory pleasures, I hear a knock on the edge of my doorframe. It's him, the terrifying villain...casual and condescending as he comes towards me. "I didn't just want to walk in seeing you like...this." He's clearly pleased, and though I scream he knows my true feelings... And once again I can't help but fall into him, ashamed by how aroused this evil creature has made me, and we make love. He still threatens me, biting a little too hard and drawing blood, telling me how fat and delicious I am, his voice little more than a ravenous snarl.

This happens a few more times. my belly, thighs and rump growing bigger by the day until I've decided I've had enough. I didn't care about his threats anymore, didn't care how much I had started to love and lust for him, all that mattered was that it had been enough... And it was nothing compared to the lives he had been taking to sustain his hunger. I finally don my costume once more, the spandex stretched tight over my corpulent form, and run off to defeat him.

Unfortunately... he is stronger and far more capable, especially after how fat and lazy I've gotten. He's delighted to humiliate me in battle in front of the whole city, taunting me about how fat I've gotten, but expresses sadness that it's all come to an end. In front of everyone he undresses and has his way with me, the townspeople terrified by my screams and then disturbed by my moans. They're even more disturbed when he begins to slurp me down, devouring me whole--and still I moan, telling him that this is all I've ever wanted... My ultimate fantasy, to be eaten by a giant, sexy monster of a man.

When it's over and I'm nothing more than food in my belly, he turns to the rest of his town... Now that his fun with me is over, it's time for a feast.

share your dark fantasies3 years


Pretty much this but with a few changes
And with me as the monster...

share your dark fantasies3 years

My darkest deepest fantasy would be for a woman to squash, belly smother, face and body sit, trample, and playfully and not so playfully beat me up for hours. At the same time she is always her sweethearted self by whispering sweet little nothing's in my ear, joking, being full of sass, and making sure I was alright. She would wear me down to the point where I couldn't move, talk, think, or anything but just breathe, be alive, and living on Cloud 9. Then to finish it off, she rides us both to sweet ecstasy. This is followed by her collapsing down on top of me and us just cuddled up and falling to sleep.

share your dark fantasies3 years

Going off to a farm with my partner on a leash. I begin by leading her to a pig pen. l make her strip only allowing her to wear pig ears, snout, and a tail. she rolls around getting all muddy. I fill her trough up donut holes and tell her to eat. she must remain on all fours and burry her head in the trough eatting EVERY THING. Once she's done I go in behind her and breed her as her swollen belly jiggles and scrapes the ground.

share your dark fantasies3 years

I also want to be tied down on a bed with a large woman flogging me, sitting on me, humiliating me I want her sitting on my face so I can pleasure her with my mouth

share your dark fantasies3 years

I go to fat camp to lose weight, but the counsellors have all been replaced by evil feeders. Everyone ends up competing for who can get the least amount of steps per day and the most calories. Winners are rewarded sexually. By the end of it, everyone has doubled in size.

share your dark fantasies3 years

I have an amulet that grants me special magical powers -- the power to transform people into living cakes. They look like big cakes with human heads, and sometimes useless hands and feet. Their bodies grow back, so there's no danger of death. Using these powers, I invite unwitting people to my house, turn them into living cakes, and gorge myself on my ever-growing collection.

share your dark fantasies3 years

I've always wanted to have complete control over a few piggies and make them gain huge amounts of weight. It's really, really dark.
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