clothes padding

went out tonight with some slight padding4 months

Swimming costumes and body shapers work wonders for padding, Iíve found. And having a variety of different shaped cushions too, especially round or oval ones. You an usually pick them up pretty cheaply too. Then itís just a case of a few layers of snug clothing over the costume/shaper to give it better definition.

went out tonight with some slight padding4 months

I don't have the courage to do it often. But its exhilarating when I do. There's a couple of places I only go when padded up, just in case.

Burger King, a couple bakeries, a convenience store. Something about it actually makes me feel hungrier. If I can convince myself I'm bigger, I eat like I am. There's one convenience store clerk who always gives me a judgy look when i come out with my armloads of snacks for the day (usually a padding day coincides with a stuffing day).

Which is pretty much the best.
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