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help on wg descriptions (first story)2 years

Hey all! I'm going to be writing my first story soon, and I need some help on descriptions for my female protagonist as she gains weight. I would like to pre-prep body descriptions in increments of 10 pounds before I start writing so I have something to reference. She's 5'6", starts at a muscular 160, and I plan on having her end up somewhere upwards of 400. I would really appreciate it if you fine folks could give examples of a description for the appropriate weight that you're talking about, and give me general tips on writing descriptions for each weight.

help on wg descriptions (first story)2 years

simplest would be to google image something like "naked woman 160lbs", "naked woman 180lbs", "naked woman 200lbs"(without quotes) and describe the differences you see.

you may find a series of weight LOSS time elapse images which you can imagine in occurring in reverse.

then its a matter of using the most appropriate adjectives in your descriptions