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marijuana/over-eating2 years

Historically, the two have always been seen as kissing cousins, if not an outright married couple. So, for those who use the divine herb, is she sometimes your or your partner's stuffing aphrodisiac?

marijuana/over-eating2 years

Yes. Yes. YES!

Pot and fat are very closely related. When I buzz up my fat turns on. I never want to get so fat as when I'm high.
Fat likes pot and pot likes fat. Notice where the pot metabolytes reside for up to 90 days? In your fat!

Fat and pot. So complementary of each other.

marijuana/over-eating2 years

I'm glad you confirmed my suspicions. I wrote a WG story on my DA site, called "Patty's Pot, Pot Belly. A couple of female room mates at a Colorado resort start smoking pot on a regular basis. One is a waitress, she gets left over pot from patrons who don't want to risk flying home with it. She also brings home lots of leftovers to their apartment and the two binge and gain. Nice thread.

marijuana/over-eating2 years

I'm glad you confirmed my suspicions...

Your suspicions are correct. Try it for yourself. You like feeling fat and pot really makes your fat "wake up". The buzz is every fat cell humming and smiling. Fat really does like pot. And... the food!

You are retired so I imagine you are no longer subject to UA's so blaze up, man. Or go edibles if the smoke bugs you.

Off topic- Who is ed fox and why are you his fan?
Gonna go read that story now.