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female total power exchange slave needed2 years

Hello my new slave.

I'm eager to get to know you.

This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle.

This is in no way forced slavery or a lifestyle that promotes anything against anyone's will or anything against the law. This is, I REPEAT. Not an ad for the sale of forced incarceration or servitude of other beings!

If you want to deal in such things, get lost.

You must provide the choice and consent all the time and it will be respected, no questions asked.

If interested put "Slave Application" in the subject line

I know this shouldn't be said, but those who do not respond properly...especially those who use noreply emails like the new google+ email features, will not be read.

I am not an experienced Dom/Master, in this lifestyle choice of consensual slavery. Just letting you know.

It is not an abusive relationship. Nor does it forcibly take away someone's rights as a human being. Rather, it (as well as everything) is given up freely as a choice. To let go. As such with all D/s style relationships, the submissive lets go.

I am not interested in being in nor inflicting abuse. That is more suited to what society more commonly knows as BDSM or the Christian Grey stuff.

I hope we can grow and learn together provided you are actually happy with what I ask of you to do as I am not going to force someone to do what I ask and have them resent me or change their mind later.

I'm looking for total power exchange, which means just what it sounds.

I need someone who is willing and able to fully give 100% of themselves to me, their life, body, spirit, mind and everything else to me to own.

In return I will care for you like the prized possession I own and mold you into the best slave for me.

Do not come just for training, though I will train you, more often than not every Dom trains a slave to their own particular wants/needs and thus there is no "basics" or universal groundwork or "class"

Everyone learns differently as long as you submit and are open.

You must be willing to give your love, and be willing to change your body, your schedule and life.

This is not BDSM, or short-term, or sex based. It's not online based either. This is a lifestyle choice. Not like 50 shades.

Total Power Exchange (TPE) (vaguely similar to... Taken in Hand (TIH), submissive, etc...) is what I am looking for, and I have articles for you to read if you need more information. Because I am kind of specific in regards to that.

Specific in that I mean Total Power Exchange, based on the articles I found.

If you're interested and want to learn more ask me, for total power exchange info ask me and I'll give you the link to read.

Simple? Good.


If you are coming here thinking it's easier than a regular relationship, you are dead wrong. The only thing easier about this is that you don't have to decide anything. There is a lot of work and effort needed to change you mentally, physically, and even emotionally.

Being a slave is not the same as being submissive. You're not a doormat. You have to think and use your brain. You can and should be entrusted with important things like any adult can be.

You are not a puppet, but I will pull the strings.

I will demand everything of you, your mind, body, and soul. Complete ownership without question. Complete attention and diligence in obeying commands and serving me.

In return you will have the peace, and the security that comes from being owned and the pleasure of having someone to serve.

I am not abusive (either verbally or physically, unless you want that) by nature. You will have the peace of mind and security of never being alone, of always having a compass in life (whether it's emotional, physical, financial).

Always a guiding force to help better yourself and only bring peace and pleasure to yourself and those around you, especially myself.

To Apply:

If you are still interested please send me an PM with the subject "Slave Application" with the following:

Measurements (cup size, waist, hips):
STDS (if any):
Offspring Yes, No?:
Are attached (married, bf/gf/etc)?:
Experience level:
Food allergies:
Food type preferences:
Food favorites:
Medical needs/illnesses (mental counts):
Do you (drink/smoke/do drugs(marajuana counts))?:
Detailed bio:
Any additional information:

Subject: "Slave Application"

This should be 1 page minimum single spaced, but I would be glad if you provided more.

If you're not interested, please let me know.

Continued in part 2.....

female total power exchange slave needed2 years

Continued from Part 2....

Any additional questions, comments, and/or concerns, please include them in your email.

Please remember that I expect you to relocate under your own financing if applicable.

I want pictures, decent nonsexual ones so I can tell who you are. You can include them when/if we move off the site to talk.

I would need full body pictures from three angles in a separate attachment, in a separate email at that time.

Thank you for reading, I hope to get to know you soon.

I'm very particular about the woman I want so....ask me if you're still interested.

Please be willing to grow your hair out and/or gain weight if it applies to you, and I will say if it does.

And of course would be happy to get there by any means necessary.

I'm not interested in women looking to lose weight, if that's what I wanted I would have asked for that.

In short to the above, I do not want someone who drinks, or smokes, or does drugs. I also don't want someone who has STDs or has offspring.

Any other questions about what kind of woman I want, ask me.

Please also have a means of transportation, and a place to stay.

I don't want this to be an online relationship or a series of endless emails. There's no point if you're going to do these kinds of things halfway. And if you're scared, don't be. You'll find a whole new wonderful side of you that you may never knew existed.

Please be willing to meet me relatively soon.

Take a chance, give yourself to me.

Thanks for reading. I know it's long, but it's worth it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

female total power exchange slave needed2 years

I'm interested but don't see your email anywhere

Thank you very much for your interest, but you are both married and have children. I don't want someone who has either of those. I won't help break up families.

Sorry, best of luck somewhere else or get your husband involved if you were interested.