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question regarding chapter size1 year

Sorry if this question has been answered, I tried my best to check all stickied posts.

Could someone tell me the exact character limit for chapter sizes? I tend to go into great detail and want my chapters to flow more naturally instead of cutting them up and trying to make them fit after they've been written.

Thank you! smiley

question regarding chapter size1 year

There used to be a faq but it's gone missing.

Here's what works for me... work offline in a text edit app (like word) that offers a character counting tool.

Divide your story into "chapters" of between 500 minimum and 1500 words maximum to be safe (the site lists 10,000 characters max under the chapter field or about 1800 words but not too many text apps offer that count)

I try to break my "chapters" into about 1,000 word chunks...wherever around that figure there seems a natural break in the action or dialog is where I break. Too much longer gets tiring to scroll, scroll, scroll but ymmv.

Once you've your chapters spaced/blocked out, cut each from your word doc and paste into the chapter field...after of course you've titled the story, selected story type, uploaded a small pic (if you wish).

btw any pic larger than 100 pixels by 100 pixels won't be accepted by the site.

after that simply continuing adding extra chapters.

Write me if you get stuck, happy to help.