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images cut off (poor cropping)2 years

Notice that constantly: The preview thumbnail displays a perfectly taken image - f. ex. a great side view shot - then you click it, but the full size view shows the belly cut off. Uploaded images apparently are getting cropped before they appear on the site.

Am i really the only one noticing this?
And: Can't this be changed/fixed?

images cut off (poor cropping)2 years

I've noticed this as well. I'm glad I am not the only one.

images cut off (poor cropping)2 years

Ok, so iím not the only one smiley

Couch Potato, this seems to be a general issue. Iíve noticed with ANY post showing a side view belly shot: the thumbnail shows the complete belly, the enlarged version has ALWAYS the belly cut off (unless the belly is quite far away from the left/right side anyway). I donít see a technical reason why thumbnail or full size display should behave differently, unless thereís a bug

Another thread is addressing this issue too (created 8 hours after this one, actually) - - Thereís the suggestion to use dedicated sites (or GIMP) to resize (downscale) images before posting them. Well, good luck with that! Even if it works (i doubt it), the majority of users will not go such an extra step.

images cut off (poor cropping)1 year

I'm in the same boat, noticed it not long ago, but didn't think it was every pic, now it seems like every pic is missing bunches off the edges.

It's like the pic and the thumbnail have swapped places. Before, the thumbnail pic would be the cropped pic, now it's the pic being cropped, not the thumbnail.

Is this being addressed or are we leaving it to the OP to do some fancy editing to make sure their stuff posts correctly?