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any lovely ladies here into belly stuffing?11 months

Do any girls on here like stuffing themselves? I am trying to find cool new people who share my love of food and bellies and bellies full of food! I've decided I need a girl who likes to stuff themself. I've tried relationships with girls who don't, and they never lasted... smiley

I am a 31 year old male from Los Angeles. I play in a rock band and I work in the film industry. I love music, film, and videogames. I'm definitely a nerd sometimes, but I'm not too weird, lol. Aside from the fact that I like girls who overeat and stuff themselves until they are full and round, hehe.

But I am a very open and accepting person and I am happy to give back as well. No need to just indulge me, I am happy to return the favor and indulge your fantasies and fetish's too ladies. Even if it's not like mine. I believe a relationship should always go both ways. So I am happy to experiment with what you like too, I think it would be fun! I also know what it's like to not be able to find someone to share our private sides of life with. So don't think that I won't be open to what you like.

Any girls here interested in a little harmless chatting/getting to know each other for starters? If so, feel free to message me anytime! Thanks for reading this long message if you did, haha.