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what if...6 months

Those moments of pure F.A.-flavoured, in-depth cogitation to which you begin to ask at yourself: "man, if only we lived into an alternate reality where the only true purpose of women beauty standards resumes itself by a 'the bigger the belly, the better' like creed" .

Then that suddenly, you realize if we really evolve inside such society, I may easily bet 10 dollars before we finish to heard that some random emaciated bimbo with a case of severe body dysmorphia but a lot of money at her disposition decides to process beneath a couple of lipofilling so she may therefore transform her continually-inward, lanky stomach into a 7-feet large, globular window bay hanging wobblingly above her scanty legs--... wait? What did that thinking sounds so awkwardly sexy, suddenly? 🤔
Then since in our real world, any unmaintained buttfilling results unavoidably to the bottom decreasing in width then the rest of the body slowly gaining in extra fat tissue thanks to the natural occuring of body weight distribution, how much time such hypothetical plastic operation did goes well before the patient finish by gradually plump out overall her figure same as her fake belly shed off by itself?? 🤔🤔🙄🤔
If she naturally tend to gain most in either her face, chest or lower body, did she will done by getting a triplechinned face, a set of hefty boobs or even a wannabe-Lipoedemic silhouette???😲😳😱