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looking for dedicated online feeders for lonely university feedee7 months

Hi there, My name is Rian 😊

Long time feedee/foodaholic, first time in the online community!

I'm a busy A grade university student taking Sociology/Stats in a small town in Canada, and it is very lonely up here 😢 So I'm currently looking for feeders interested in online chat, play and potentially video/skype/snapchat, maybe some gaming and of course, food!

Ideally, I'd like to find someone else who is limited by their geography, looking to keep themselves and another company, chat during those lonely times, play some video games with, get each other hot and bothered, oh, and keep me fat and fed 😊 I'm currently 190, looking to gain to a starter goal of 300 by the time I am finished school. I love to stuff myself for people, gorge on a big meal, or snack and play a game, then after lay back and rub my belly, admire how big I'm getting... I also love too cook and bake!... If this interests you, message me and we can discuss an arrangement 😊

Any age, any gender. I prefer submissive people but for the right person, I'm sure we can make it work.

I do not want- a relationship, to meet in person, to give you free pictures and sexual chatting, to have my time wasted.

For more info, ask me a question or check my profile.

I'd prefer long term feeders, but one time feeders are accepted as well.

Thanks for reading! 😊

looking for dedicated online feeders for lonely university feedee6 months

Hey! Im absolutely interested! Check my profile. If you feel the same, message me!