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birthday stuffing.....9 months

Okay so I have a birthday coming up in 8 days and what I'm looking to do on that day is eat myself into oblivion. lol. I literally wanna stay as fat, full, and bloated as i possibly can the entire day. So i'll probably end up eating bites here and there like every 30 minutes to stay that way. I'm looking to take in around 10,000 calories through out the whole day.

Here's the kicker though I want it to be basically healthy in doing so and need idea's on how to achieve this.

The fat shakes can make up for 4,500 of those calories. And I am willing of course to have cake, the whole cake and nothing but the cake so help me god. (I couldn't resist), but the rest I'd like some clean caloric options.

Anyone have any high calorie healthy meals I can scarf down through out the day?