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earliest age of stuffing3 months

I started gaining when I was 12, so I'd say then.

earliest age of stuffing3 months

Middle school:
All the boys made fun of the fat girls, and I joined in, because what else can you do at that age but try and "be cool"?
But all the fat girls seemed so kind, thoughtful, and intellectual in their own individual ways. I remember the time a popular boy insulted one of the fattest girls in our grade about her size, and she gave him a shockingly Churchillian retort-
"Yeah, I can lose weight- If i wanted to- but you'll never stop being stupid!"

I went home that day and stuffed my shirt, because I wanted to BE someone like that!

Early grade school for me. I don't know how it started, I have a feeling someone who used to babysit me showed me how to stuff clothes and pretend to be fat. I just thought that was something you did to pass the time lol I started stuffing my pants as early as kindergarten and I would get caught. I was never punished, but the fear I felt at getting caught! I was so shaky every time I got caught. Now I do it simply because I can and I enjoy it. Once in Jr High, I rolled over on my pillow in my sleep, and it felt good So I got put a pair of socks down my sweat pants and it felt so good. I started enjoying scenes like Violet B. turning into a Blueberry, and other scenes involving fat actors.

earliest age of stuffing2 months

I remember sneaking food and binging from a very young age. Certainly under 10.

Me too!

earliest age of stuffing3 weeks

When I was 13-16 at a sleepover the host had a huge wardrobe full of junk food and we spent the whole night eating as much as we wanted and watching trashy romance shoes on tv smiley

earliest age of stuffing5 days

I was in fifth grade. so I was about ten or eleven years old

earliest age of stuffing2 days

When I was young I just loved food, no real stuffing on purpose, just eating a lot of good stuff.
By 18 and 19 I started gaining and liked it. At that point I started really eating and stuffing to gain weight. I LOVE a painfully stuffed stomach.
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