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what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

When I ask my friends to help me eat because I'm getting too lazy to lift my chubby arms! x)

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

A few moments lead up to the mome t I thought "Damn, I'm fat" because I was in denial about it. First moment was when putting on my size 14 (UK) jeans became a workout to get them over my thighs & then close the button, second was when leggings and jeans began getting the telltale holes from my wobbly thighs rubbi ng together, third when I was sat with my legs open & my belly hung between them and the last was when I was standing up and looked down to see my you know what and couldn't see beyond my belly, & bending over made my belly hang & hide it completly 😶

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

When I couldn't fit through the old fashioned door of the post office... And me sideways is just as wide. I could feel the doorway drag on my belly and arse at the same time and I couldn't wait to squeeze back out. So hot.

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

My friend never properly achieved the early obesity milestone (yet) due to her self-conflictual body issues regarding her body weight same as up-and-going metabolism - she's a shilly-shally Gainer who experience difficulty to maintain any extra weight at a long-term bias - but the day she first became properly chubby for the first time of her life after have passed the 160lbs milestone in 2016, she quickly past from being seriously anxious about how her body was softening and plumping up while she was hovering from 140 to the 150s-pounds range in barely an week, to flaunt cheeringly the way her not-so-baggy-anymore clothes hugged onto her rather plumpier curves or about how her face literally puffied out with her rounder cheeks, squintier eyes and hint of doublechin.

This process however didn't lasted so long because a couple of months later in the same year, she suddenly past from being almost oblivious about her own slightly further piling on pounds: her budding doublechin was then fairly noticeable, her upper arms were getting totally untoned and soft, worn stretchy Medium size camisoles barely capable to conceal her then-DDD size boobs and an outgrown pair of US size-12 skinny jeans I still wonder today how the HELL she succeded to fit in and walk along all day without torn 'em apart from the seams with her closer to 46" hips - she had still a small waist - , chunky thighs and hugely ballooned rear cheeks.

Even in spite rubbing upper thighs, early signs of orange peel's skin (her jeans were so damn tight you may almost glimpse on everything beneath their fabric) , cantaloupe-sized breasts, a more-and-more concave-shaped stomach, a significant moonface, twice-outgrown clothes for somebody with a figure rather made for L/XL tops and size 14-16 bottoms, her gait turning into something closer to a somewhat lumbering sway to not even say "waddle" , changing body balance, her narrow space issues whenever she have to almost bump back-and-forth through a subway turnstile (turnstiles in my Canadian home city are 500mm wide only... the largest part of her frame frontward was closer to 460mm, so do the math) , that everconstant bounce from her wobbly buttocks at the slightest move she made or the fact she nonethelessly admitted that last time checking up her own weight she counted 170lbs or above... it took a cup posed mischeviously atop her posterior by me and the point it hold it as I've teasingly predicted, to asudden realize of her own how fuller she became.

Before to ironically forget all those facts next year and four dozen of pounds lighter later, believing when I reminded her about her fuller-figured days that I was overexxagerating, saying she always weighed 130-140lbs with her (then) usual slim yet fairly endowed built, rather large hips and modest little bubble bum. This is only when I further mentioned the gait-turning-almost-into-a-waddle, outgrown size-12 bottoms, turnstile issues then especially cup sequence parts there all triggered her memories out of self-oblivion.

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

When I first realized I was straining somewhat to get up off the couch or out of a chair. Very humbling and a moment of self realization. "Damn! I'm fat!

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

I had a slightly larger than average lunch at work and the button popped off my pants completely when I relaxed my stomach.

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

When I was in college, I started getting pretty heavy thanks to a combo of beer and cheap food. I kind of tried to shrug it off at first. Sure, I had a pretty big beer gut, but that was nothing too bad. Certainly not enough to stop me from eating at McDonald's and Subway on a semi-regular basis.

A bit after that, I had gotten noticeably bigger and wider. It wasn't just my belly this time -- it was my butt and thighs, too. Still no big deal, even if my fast food trips had gone from semi-regular to regular. I was far from the only tubby guy around, after all.

Cut to a bit after that. By this point, there was no escaping that I had let myself go big time, and had gotten downright fat. I had to throw out several articles of clothing because they simply didn't fit anymore, and my meal sizes were growing in time with my belly. But even as my moobs and second chin came in, I figured, what the heck -- it's not the end of the world.

Now I'm the type of person who jumbo-sizes just about everything. I figure I'm a bit too far gone for exercise to work now smiley

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

When I was gaining and getting fat the first time (I am not fat right now but gaining some back), I had a few moments. The first was the first time I noticed my belly wobbling around when I drove. I had never really felt that couldn't believe how much it wobbled from every little bump.

Shortly after that when I was taking the bus home from work one night and I noticed the seats were feeling small. I looked up and saw my reflection in the window and was shocked how big I looked and didnt even recognize myself. I had gained 40 lbs in ~3 months, on top of more gradual gaining before that.

Another was when I went couch shopping and I was deciding between a larger and smaller version of similar couches. The larger one had wider, deeper sections. The saleswoman said that I was a big guy and made the smaller couch look tiny, so she just couldn't see me getting comfortable in it, haha.

One last one... I bought bigger size dress clothes for an interview after gaining some, but by the time the interview came they were getting small and I was already bulging out of my dress shirt... that and I popped the button off my jacket just before my first meeting!

I suppose I have many more related to outgrowing my fat clothes, first time feeling out of breath going up a few stairs, seeing pictures of myself...

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

It happened to me once I looked in the mirror and I saw my belly hang gently over the waistband of my shorts. I had watched it get closer and closer over the past few weeks, but that was the moment it finally became a reality.

what was the moment that made you think, "damn, i'm fat?"4 months

The moment that made me think damn Iím fat, was when I made my first trip for clothes shopping for months just recently.

I was way off my correct size! I knew I had gained some weight, but it was hard to suggest if I had bumped up any sizes.

I tried on a pair of (S) rugby shorts and they were like glued to my thighs. They were so tight, I was worried that I was going to break the waistband! My ballooned belly was spilling over the shorts from angles, as if I was wearing a doughnut around my waist and the belly folds were like icing.

And I was shopping with a friend too, and they said that my waistline is really growing, but I said waists do not have lines, they are bellies that are full of cheeseburgers and hot dogs.
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