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hello from ottawa, canada!4 months

Hey all,

Figured I'm in chat all the time, should probably engage in the forum too.

I'm male, a feedee, currently 225lbs at 6'1" - so I'm still only chubby. I'm definitely looking to graduate to full fat, hoping to hit 400lbs.

I've been a feedee in a relationship before, and would love to try it again. I love pleasing a partner with my growing body, and the praise I receive just makes me feel that extra bit happier with the body I'm already plenty confident in - and becoming moreso as I gain!

hello from ottawa, canada!4 months

And after what was my third attempt at gaining, my body just isn't taking to it.

My metabolism is too fast, plus I run into health problems - nothing complicated, just annoying and not worth making worse.

So I'm back to being a feeder/FA. Which is what I'd always been prior to wanting to try gaining about a year and a half ago.