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saggy tits1 year

Another lover of saggy boobs here. The saggier and more stretch marks on them the better.

saggy tits1 year

Saggy, enormous, pendulous breasts are so beautiful. They've grown to be that size and can't defeat gravity at all. You've earned them at that point and they should be admired and appreciated! smiley

saggy tits1 year

Iím 28 and after having and nursing 3 babies my nipples point to the ground!

saggy tits1 year

I�m 28 and after having and nursing 3 babies my nipples point to the ground!

That's a very sexy image!!!

saggy tits1 year

So since i was a developing young adult my tits have been so saggy... Now that im fat they are sitting on my stomach . im self conscious of them. Are saggy tits hot???

YES! Big saggy tits sitting on a large stomach is VERY hot! Incredibly sexy!

saggy tits11 months

Nice to read comments in this thread. After my rapid weight gain (+75lbs in year) my tits have grown from perky teen b cup to now c/d cup more longer and saggy.

Maybe I still have hope smiley

saggy tits11 months

I love it when the tits start to hang/grow on the side as well. Together with a nice layer of backfat, when my wife wears a bra it pushes the fat up and down and you get these nice fat rolls on display. Extra points if what she wears shows those side and back rolls off. I usually make sure we go out that day because I like her in public with visible fat rolls.

saggy tits3 months

An ex of mine came to my place and she suggested she might spent the night here. As a bonus she offered me a refresher on how her tits have sagged as she gained weight.

saggy tits2 months

Saggy or flabby titties on a guy is major turn on for me as having a fatpad above your private parts

When i put on weight most fat goes to my but and tits and the place I'm not proud of in my face bc that's what most people notice first.
belly fat is something you can hide for a while but ass boobs and chin are harder to hide I think.
But on the other side I really like it when people say I'm getting fat😎🐷

saggy tits1 month

I posted a video especially for this thread.
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