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redesign of stories section2 weeks

I still maintain that there should be a search function where you can opt out of seeing premium stories, see them mixed in or even a listing of all the premium stories are. For those that are considering paying they should be able to see a full listing of all the stories/authors they will have access too. Because right now it seems like there are like three authors only, but Id love to know if that statistic was wrong. It would be a much better selling point for yall on FF if you could show all the stories/authors people would have access too with an easier search function AND give those premium authors a potential boost.

redesign of stories section1 week

fucked up story section; all I get is blank story page

Please post the URL of the blank page here and I'll look into this.

If you're truly an admin guy - please hear me as a long time member we are so sad how awful "Chat" is now - no one likes the format and it crashes every three minutes ... real shame - community blown - any chance of going back?

I agree. New chat bites!!
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