Body inflation

A thought for any anime creators out there

I’ve not ever gotten into anime or related arts as it relates to being into big, beautiful women. And maybe this is more of a dark fantasy post. But I’ve thought of how awesome a comic strip would be to create a character based on the Hulk who turns fat at the sight of delicious food the same way Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk when he’s angry.

It can go according to your preferences, but mine would be of a female character whose shirt suddenly gets tight and rips to reveal boobs that grow from small to huge before the viewers eyes. Her belly goes from small and nonexistent to a huge bowl of jelly, complete with fat rolls. Her legs burst through her pants with thunderous thighs and her feet bursts through her shoes with widening and fattening toes :-)

Might not be everyone’s fantasy, but I’m thinking it could be some awesome “deviant art” material :-)
1 month

A thought for any anime creators out there

Lol I’m working on something similar to this but if you want artists who have already drawn such stuff I recommend Pixiveo, Miramiraclerun, Magicstraw or TheBreadGuardian.
2 weeks