Dominating a Dominant

Chapter 1

It had never occurred to me before, simply never crossed my mind. But here it was, as plain as the decadent chocolate dessert now sitting in front of my sub.

My sub, so scrupulously well behaved in all her behaviors with me, was not submissive to everyone. For all I knew, maybe not even to anyone else.

It shouldn't have been a surprise. I like big women who are physically strong. I also like smart, capable women. These are the women I like to dominate. Strong, smart women are hardly the stereotype for submissives. So why then did it come as such a surprise to me in the restaurant when I saw how easily and naturally she dominated our poor waiter?

She had just finished her beer in its tall glass, setting it back precisely in the sweat ring on the table. Her hand, of course, fell back to it's demure position on her broad thigh beneath the table.

"Are you ready for dessert?" As I spoke, she met my eyes.

"Oh yes Sir, I would like that very much." She smiled, knowing how much her answer would please me.

I had already made the decision for her dessert before ordering our lunches in the first place, and she had known it all along. Still, the question and answer were part of the game, and a part we both liked.

Our waiter, who had been worldly enough to recognize the clover clamps she allowed him to glimpse as they sat atop her purse but still young enough to blush when she caught him looking, was on the far side of the dining room.

"Good girl. Go and tell our server that you want the Chocolate Mousse Decadence cake, with a spoon." She knows I like the things her lips can do with a spoon when I feed her, and I wanted to plant that tease with the small reminder.

"Yes Sir!!" And she scooted her deliciously rounded ass over the vinyl seat and out of the booth. By the time she was up, the waiter was approaching our table and met her only a few feet away. This is why I was able to hear the conversation.

"Hey ma'am," he started, looking up at my sub who is an Amazon on the heels I demand she wear. "I was just-"

"I want an order of your Chocolate Mousse Decadence cake. And bring me a spoon and an extra napkin." This was not the kitten's voice she had just used with me. This was a woman who could comfortably address a court room.

"Okay, yes ma'am. Do you want anything else?"

"I ordered what I want. Just the cake." Then, as an afterthought, "Please."

"Yes Ma'am," the capital M was clear in his voice now. "Would you like two spoons?"

"Was I unclear?" She squared her shoulders on him. The fact that she was so much larger than the little waiter was just overkill. All the power was hers.

"Ye- No Ma'am. I'll be right back, Ma'am." He didn't actually scurry away, but I imagined that he wanted to.

She watched him go, taking a deep breath that swelled her full bust provocatively. Then she turned back to me and walked quickly to her side of the booth. The was an extra bounce to her step, a playful gesture that animated every part of her soft body while somehow demonstrating its power.

Before sliding back into her side of the booth, she lowered her head respectfully. "The dessert is on its way, Sir." The kitten's voice from before purred at me from her expressive lips. "May I sit down again?"

I shuffled over to make room for her. "Yes you may. Next to me." Her little squeak of pleasure made me grin. "It'll be easier to feed you this way," I said, but of course that was only half the reason.

I had just discovered something new in this amazing sub. I wanted to be as close to her as I could get to learn even more.
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