Heavier than Heather

  By Snp

chapter 1 let her eat cake

Danielle's stomach growled as she sat at the computer desk in her bedroom. It was 11:30 at night and she hadn't eaten anything since noon. She'd gotten in yet another fight with her overbearing mother as soon as she got home from school and locked herself in her room, missing dinner. This was a fairly common occurrence lately. She had never really gotten along with her mother, but things seemed even worse since she turned 18 a week ago. Maybe having an 18-year-old daughter made her mother feel old or something, but whatever the reason she had become more controlling than ever. And of course Danielle, who was in the second month of her senior year of high school, was going to rebel against her parent's wishes like most teenagers.

Other than her hectic home life, Danielle was a normal teenager. She was a cute girl with long blonde hair and a nice physique. Her mother had always forbade junk food, which kept Danielle in fairly good shape, weighing in at about 125 pounds. She was incredibly well-adjusted for someone who had been through the things she had lived through. Her father was killed in a car accident when she was 11 years old, the result of a manufacturer's defect. Her family was awarded a large settlement, which enabled them to live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and not want for things despite the loss of the family's sole bread-winner. Her mother, who never had a job in her life, spent money left and right, which annoyed Danielle. She took comfort in the fact that she would soon graduate from high school, which meant that she would have access to the $30,000 trust set up for her as part of the settlement from her father's accident. With that money she would finally be able to move out of the house and away from her bitter, angry mother. Until then she tried her best to bite her tongue and lay low.

Once her mother had gone to bed, Danielle made her way downstairs to finally get something to eat. She opened the fridge in search of some leftovers to heat up, but there were not a lot of options as her fitness-conscious mother didn't keep a lot of food in the house. As she pulled out a plastic bowl of macaroni salad she caught site of the big chocolate cake hidden behind it. It was from her little brother Brian's 6th birthday party two days earlier, and there was still half of it left. Her mother must've forgotten it was still in there because she never let the kids eat cake or any other sweets outside of parties.

"Screw it," Danielle decided, putting back the macaroni salad in favor of the cake. "Nothing wrong with a little treat from time to time." She was about to cut off a small piece of the chocolate treat when she again corrected herself, taking a medium-sized slice.

She sat down at the kitchen table in the still-dark kitchen, afraid to turn on the lights and alert anyone of her presence. She took a bite of the cake and savored its chocolate goodness. She loved chocolate, probably because she rarely got to have any. She quickly went in for another bite, which was just as good as the first. Soon the cake was gone, but Danielle still wanted more.

"One more can't hurt," she said to herself, cutting another piece of cake, this one bigger than the last. She gobbled that piece down quickly as well, enjoying every bit of its yummy flavor. She had never been a big eater at all, but she still found herself wanting more after two pieces of cake, which was a lot for someone like her. She was hesitant to take another piece, however, knowing that there would be consequences if her mother found out she'd been sneaking sweets. She looked at the cake sitting on the counter.

"To hell with her," she finally said out loud.

Happy to spite her mother, she cut herself a third piece of cake. That piece was soon followed by a fourth. And a fifth. Before long Danielle was looking down at the crumbs in an otherwise empty box where half a cake once sat. Her belly had never felt this full before and she was feeling queasy as a result. This was definitely the most food she had ever eaten in one sitting by a long shot. Her normally flat stomach pushed outward, tenting out her shirt a little bit in front. Despite the churning in her stomach, it felt great to spite her mom and break one of her annoying rules.

Danielle put the empty cake box in the trash and covered it as best she could before returning to her bedroom. Once there, she stood sideways in front of her mirror and studied the way her belly poked outward just a little from all that cake. She'd never had anything other than a flat stomach, and it fascinated her to see her shirt pushed out in the front for once. Her belly didn't even stick out that far, really, but it was more than she was used to. She sucked in her stomach and then let it out again, marveling at how full she was. The sick feeling was still with her, but for some reason she didn't mind it so much anymore.

What started as a quick peek in the mirror before bed turned into a 45 minute study of her belly. She had never been this stuffed before and the whole thing just fascinated her. That feeling of utter fullness was a strange new concept to her, and she liked something about it. She had always been thin, and seeing herself with even this small bit of a belly felt rebellious in a way. She had never found fat people attractive before, and the thought of being fat was as unappealing to her as it would be to any teenage girl. But something about seeing that bump where her flat belly used to be felt... good.

After Danielle finally got into bed she struggled to find a comfortable position, ultimately laying on her side and cradling her swollen belly in her arms. As she closed her eyes she thought about the strange turn her night had taken. She wasn't sure what to make of it all. She thought about the way her belly stretched out in front of her, and how utterly full she felt, and wondered why those things made her feel so good.
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Muffintopmanor 10 months
Immense disappointment thid isn't a lesbian story, Brandon is unnecessary and kinda boring.

Other than that, loved this one!
Champ 8 years
Is there a Heavier Than Heather 2? I would love to read it!
Simssmo 10 years
I normally won't read one this long but the storyline is really good. Can't wait for part 2
BElover15 10 years
Eagerly awaiting part 2!
MoobDaddy 11 years
is part 2 up anywhere? these first 20 chapters were awesome!
Snp 11 years
thanks to all who read the story and sent me messages with your comments and ideas I enjoyed reading them! If you have any ideas or just want to talk about weight gain stories PM me or hit me up on yahoo messenger my name is imkeithhernandez. glad you enjoyed part 1!
TheOwl 11 years
Great ending to part one, (hope there is a part two) loved this story from start to finish.
Snp 11 years
so i think im going to end this at 20-21 chapters and call it "part 1". then, if enough people want me to go on, i'll eventually do a 10-15 chapter "part 2". part 1 covered the first year and her transformation into a fat girl, and part 2 would be about her embracing the fat girl life and becoming truly huge and would likely cover a much longer time period. PM me and let me know if you want a part 2 and any ideas you might have. thanks for reading!
Growingbellyboy 11 years
This is extremely well written. I sure hope you're going to write more. I'd love to see Amber help Danielle get up to 300lbs. I also wouldn't mind seeing Amber gain a little more too!
Gary1627 11 years
There is also another reason this story is nowhere near finished yet, Danielle is not heavier than Heather yet.
Lurker888 11 years
You have over 30,000 views *** YEA WE WANT MORE
Jazzman 11 years
Surely You Jest! This is Terrific and you obviously have realistic experiences with Weight Gain. The rate of gaining for BOTH girls is spot On! Even though you haven't mentioned a number for Amber I just know that you'll say something realistic like 140-160 when you Do. Great Job!
Snp 11 years
15 isn't the end, there's at least 3 more chapters to tie it together though i have ideas up to 32 chapters. i was just wondering if you guys thought it was getting stale yet lol
Gary1627 11 years
This is a story that could go on and on, but it's so good why not continue it, at least a little bit further, although I personally would like many more chapters.
Jazzman 11 years
You'll need to keep going. I mean it could stop here-but that would be a shame-especially when you could devote a chapter or two to Amber's point of view and Amber's gain.Maybe even have Danielle feed Amber to catch up some.smiley
Jazzman 11 years
Amazing Writing! I hope you make a little more of Amber's residual gaining. I always wished to see a pact where the thinner girl had to stay within 25 or even 50 lbs of the heavier one. So if Amber is now 140 shell have to start trying to catch up. Maybe growing fat herself and never quite making it. Just a thought. I Love this Story! smiley
Chriskin8 11 years
I second that Cortez, i've run out of reading material
Chriskin8 11 years
I second that Cortez, i've run out of reading material
Lurker888 11 years
Fantastic story, I hope the rest of the possible chapters go up soon.
Chriskin8 11 years
I agree with you Cortez the Killer if this story was any shorter then I hate my Twin i'd be very sad, the author of this master piece could definitely make this into one of the most well known fantasy stories on the web if he wished it as such.. it is by far one of the best pieces i've ever read and I am an avid reader
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