Kurrie's Story

Chapter 1

Kurrie found herself depressed. Her boyfriend had just dumped her, he had complained that she was getting fat. "Fat, i'm not fat" she said as she looked at her newly bulging stomach in the mirror. "Oh, well maybe i'm getting chubby" she finally admitted. "Oh My God, I'm late for work". Kurrie worked at McBurgertown, and cheap but delicious burger joint at the end of town. Every pothole her belly jiggled, and breasts flopped in her face. She was short, pale skin and dark hair. She always had a rounder face, but her cheeks were getting chubby. She was about 5'4" and used to weight 140...probably 30 pounds ago. Her once tiny belly had morphed into a potbelly with a deep bellly button. But fact of the matter was, Kurrie loved to eat, and this job did nothing but help expand her glorious gut. "I'm here, thank God" she replied as she pulled into the parking lot. "Late again Kurrie? You know what that means" said her manager Joan. "Yes i know, the grease traps need cleaned" Kurrie said. As punishment all late employees had to clean the grease traps. She complied and carried the two grease covered trays and some leftover food towards the back. All grease and food was to be dumped at the edge of the property. She sat down on the curb at the edge of the parking lot, and lit a cigarette. The long drags from the cigarette calmed her, but one of the trays was slipping off the curb. She struggled to reach it, "OH NO" she exclaimed as it began to fall. It spilled halfway, not causing much of a mess she put her hand that caught the tray to her lips to hold her cigarette. The grease on her hand touched her lips and then her tongue, and burst with an unusually appetizing flavor. "mmmmmm...burgers....and fries..." kurrie exclaimed. She licked her fingers and enjoyed the flavorful grease, that had congealed in pudding like form. She loved it, she had to have more. Maybe she was lonely, but definately she was hungry. So she took a spoon and started eating rapidly, shoveling the flavorful grease into her belly. Its fattening rich flavor made her moan in satisfaction. "This is so good, i've got to have more" said kurrie. So she did, she ate the entire tray, and started in on the second. "Kurrie are you done yet? your shift is staring" said Joan from across the parking lot. "Coming" replied Kurrie, she looked in the bag and saw 4 double cheeseburgers. Now her belly was full, and heavy with grease, but she was still starving, so she scarfed down the burgers. She wiped the grease off her face, belched and returned to work.

but little did she know what she had gotten herself into...
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Thelegendary... 13 years
Niiiiiice. Can't wait for more. smiley
Tjpbeatles 13 years
awesome man, this will be a great story with some more chapters
Balloon 13 years
Love the story so far!
Maximum 13 years
Eating grease? lol doesn't sound like fun, still, pretty good story.
Southernman421 13 years
Thank you guys for the nice comments. This is a story inspired by a real girl that I know. She always was chubby and always caught my eye.\r\n\r\nThe story will have more chapters and i will post them in the future.\r\n\r\nany feedback is appreciated, and best wishes in your gaining endevours, Enjoy!\r\n\r\n-Bernard
Nova_fatty 13 years
defo wanna find out what she got herself into.
Anthony 13 years
cant wait to read more