The Cute Teller

Chapter 1

I’d just moved back home, turns out there really is no place like home. I’d only been gone for about five months, but I felt like a different person; and it was wonderful returning home where everything was more or less the same. I went to reactive my old bank account and the same cute teller was still working there. Hmmmm my mind replayed my memories of him; cute was probably an understatement; he was 6’1” with a toned and slim physic, probably 185; he had dark hair and a very handsome face, with an heir of calmness that was contagious.

Well that was how I remembered him anyway; as I got closer I noticed he had grown a small beard. I got even closer, his teller line was the next available, and to my surprise I noticed he had also developed a small set of love handles, a complimentary little belly and his beard was hiding his softened face. He helped me and we had some familiar witty banter during the transaction. Right as I was supposed to be leaving I felt I had to make a move, I asked him if he would like to go out for drinks sometime. He sighed sadly and explained he was engaged, he even held up his ring for proof. His calming nature took over and he assured me he would have loved to had he been single.

Over the next few weeks I continued to go to the same bank and somehow the fates always aligned and sent me to his window. I knew this man was seriously taken, but I couldn’t stop myself and I always greedily eyed him while he cashed my check and made me laugh. I also couldn’t help but notice after a few weeks there seemed to be a bit more of him to eye; his love handles definitely spilt further over his belt, which was now fastened two holes looser, and the buttons on his shirt were straining to hold his shirt closed.

This week I came in to cash my pay check the usually easy-going teller wore a look which reminded me of a puppy that had just been kicked and was trying to decide if it was going to bite your ankles. Surprisingly when he saw me a look of relief lit up his handsome face, his line opened and I made my way toward him.

“Ahhh my favorite customer!” he laughed when he saw me. “And my favorite teller!” I smiled back at his now beaming face. “I know you know about my fiancé, so don’t think I’m trying to be some player here, but I can’t resist you anymore and she has become downright cruel this past month or so. Can I still take you up on your offer of drinks?” he asked hopefully. “That would be great, you can tell me the story of you guys at the bar, ha ha, so I can justify potentially becoming a home wrecker.” I nervously agreed.

I went home and hopped in the shower to get ready for the evening, I wasn’t planning on doing anything with another woman’s fiancé, but just in case I wanted to be prepared. My mind began to wonder to the sexy man I would be spending the evening with tonight, I thought about his dark blue eyes and wondering how a combination of comforting and mysterious so alluring was even possible. Next I mentally zoomed out and began to fantasize about his widening waist-line; the man had grown out of medium long ago and was quickly leaving large territory. Which I now admit turns me on, the idea freaked me out for years but now I’ve come to terms with the fact that I like men of size. How did he pack on around thirty pounds in a few months, and why? I knew I probably wouldn’t get my questions answered tonight; tonight we were going to discuss his relationship. And I was extremely curious about that too! But daydreaming time is over now; it’s time to get myself looking glamorous.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Wow! I don’t know how I missed your fantastic stories. Well done.
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh that was so sweet and lovely a very nice tale ;-)
Littleextra 11 years
Brilliant tale! Bravo smiley
Drstrange 11 years
thank you!