The Office Chair Situation

chapter 1

Selim knocked tentatively on the office door, to be answered by a cheerful voice calling "Come in!" He obediently pushed the door open and waddled through.
Jane was standing by her desk with a file folder in her hand. Black high heels accentuated her long legs. A black pencil skirt clung to her wide hips, lush bottom and little belly pooch. A cream coloured blouse skimmed her narrow waist and small breasts, buttoned all the way up in that way that drove him crazy. He could feel heat rising in his cheeks and he hadn't even spoken to her yet.

He looked down at the blue polo shirt that skimmed his own soft moobs and hanging belly. He'd had to go up to a 5X recently, though the bulk of his gain had gone to his own wide hips and soft thighs. He sighed as he looked at the office chair facing her desk.

"Selim!" said Jane, smiling. "Have a seat. What can I do for you?"

He gingerly wedged himself into the chair, soft belly rolls filling his lap.

"Actually, that's what I need to talk to you about," he said. "Seating."

He hesitated, putting a plump hand to the neatly trimmed beard that covered his chins.

"Yes?" said Jane, resting one arse cheek on her desk.

"It's a bit, ah, personal," stuttered Selim. "It's just that I'm having a few problems with my, ah, chair."

Jane licked her lips involuntarily. She was tempted to feign ignorance and ask him what he meant. He looked so cute squirming in embarrassment. She opened her mouth but he rushed on before she could speak.

"I'm not fitting into it very well," he blurted out. "It's a bit, um, small."

She eyed the way his hips bulged out the gaps in the arms and spilled over the edges of the seat. Yes, it would be.

She'd had her eye on Selim for a long time, truth be told. She couldn't help it if fat men caught her attention. He'd been already a 300 pounder when he'd been hired 3 years ago, and he must have added more than a hundred pounds of soft fat to his frame since then.

"Don't worry," she said gently. "I've special ordered chairs for our employees of size before. It's not a problem." She hopped up and moved behind the desk.

"Really?" said Selim.

Jane nodded.

"I just need to know one thing," she said. "I'm afraid it's a very personal question. What do you weigh?"

Selim blushed at the thought of telling this beautiful woman exactly how fat he was. It was embarrassing, but it was a little exciting too. He could feel his cock stirring at the thought, but thankfully it was hidden beneath layers of blubber.

"I'm not actually sure," he said. "It's been a while since I weighed myself." The fact was, the bathroom scale didn't go up high enough. It had topped out at 330 pounds and he knew he had gained a lot since then.

"I'm afraid I need an exact figure," said Jane, rising and walking over to her cabinet. Selim was mesmerized by the way her arse swayed and wobbled. She bent to pick something up from the lowest shelf and he felt a surge of arousal at the sight of her round, plump bottom waving in the air. She turned around holding a heavy duty scale.

"If you could just..." she said.

Selim heaved himself out of the constricting chair and lumbered across the room. He stepped gingerly onto it and blinked as the number zoomed upward. It stopped at 473.8 pounds. Selim felt ashamed and aroused all at once. He was huge. He was massive. He was going to need to jerk one out in the bathroom before going back to work.

Jane jotted the number down on a notepad.

"I'm actually going to need to take some measurements as well," she said, hoping he couldn't hear her voice shake. "Just around the hips and, ah, seat area."

She produced a tailor's measuring tape and wrapped it around the widest part of his belly and hips. She brushed his belly with her fingers, trying desperately to stay professional.

Selim was rock hard by now, and hard put not to breathe heavily.

"68 inches," she muttered, sliding the tape lower so it encircled his juicy ass. Her hand touched his thigh and it was as if a spark ignited. He hissed and arched his back involuntarily, causing her fingers to dig into his flesh. She looked up, he looked down, their eyes meeting over the curve of his gut. They recognized each other's desire.

Jane's touch turned into an urgent caress, trailing up his thigh to fumble with the button of his dress pants. He moaned as her greedy hands found his engorged cock. He lifted his belly with both hands so she could access it better. She kissed him on the tip. Soon she was sucking him into her mouth, hands reaching up to grab his fat rolls. She pushed him back against the wall and all too soon he felt himself come inside her, a hot spurt of pleasure. He was panting heavily now, his heart pounding. She helped him close his trousers, then he puffed over to the chair and collapsed in it.

"Just... need to catch my... breath," he panted.

"Take your time," said Jane. "I've got everything I need for the requisition form."

Neither of them mentioned what had just happened.
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Littleextra 8 years
Very nicely done. Bravo!! smiley
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Love this!
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hehe hot a very hot office girl situation ^^
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that was fun! thanks :-)