a fatty’s revenge

Chapter 1 - Brooke’s Surprise

“Fuck *Huff, how the fuck have I gotten this fat? What have I done to deserve this?” 24 year old Savannah , a 5,3, slim, beautiful, and athletic women had randomly gained an extraordinary amount of weight all in such a small time. Savannah had so many questions. How did she gain so much weight so fast? Is this even possible? She had no answers to all the questions she had. Yet little did she know that her best friend of 15 years, knew every single detail.

*1 week prior*

Savannah had been visiting her best friend of 15 years, Brooke. Brooke was Savannah’s best friend and had invited Savannah over for lunch. They’ve known each other since the fourth grade. Brooke was on the heavier side, weighing around 270 at a height of 5’5. Savannah and all of her friends had teased Brooke about her weight ever since they meet. And she was getting real sick of it. While Brooke knew they were just joking around, it still hurt. Brooke wanted to tell them to stop, but didn’t want to be that pussy friend who couldn’t even take a joke. So, she never said a word. Out of all her friends though, Savannah was the one who fat shamed her the most. The girls were eating lunch silently staring at their phones until Savannah saw Brooke getting up to grab seconds. “Still hungry ever after all that, fatty?” Savannah laughed “fuck you it wasn’t even that much. I literally had four slices.” “Yeah not a lot for you haha” “Shut the fuck up Savannah I’m hungry, so I’m going to eat more.” Brooke was pissed off. She couldn’t even eat a single meal with her friends without being called a fat pig. She had had it. Until she remembered the whole reason she invited Savannah over to her place in the first place. Her face lit up almost forgetting what Savannah had just said a few moments ago. “Ok I think I’m gonna get going” Savannah explained “I’ve got a job interview at 2 and it’s almost an hour drive.” Savannah had lost her job last week for clocking in while not actually working and instead being out partying. “Wait wait not yet” Brooke sounded muffled with the huge bite of pizza she had just bitten into that was in her mouth. She swallowed it so fast and turned around almost choking. “I have a surprise for you!” “A surprise? You never told me that’s why you invited me over!” “Yeah well that’s what surprises are for haha! Come on!” Brooke wasn’t lying. That was the only reason she had invited her over in the first place. And she nearly forgot. Brooke guided her into her bedroom “Okay arms out and eyes closed! And no peeking! Okay okay I won’t!” Brooke reached into her drawer and grabbed four 100 dollar bills and gave them to Savannah. She opened her eyes, “four hundred dollars? You don’t have to, really. “I want to I feel bad. You lost your job and haven’t been getting any income so I wanted to help out even if just a bit. “Aw thank you Brooke I appreciate it thank you! This will help so much. Brooke smiled. But not at the fact that her best friend was happy. She was grinning harder then she ever had before knowing that this money wouldn’t be helping her friend in any way. Only making her live worse and miserable. “Sorry to cut things short but I need to get to my interview. Thank you again for this.” “Of course no problem I’ll walk you to the door.” They arrived at the front door and said their goodbyes. Brooke watched from the window as Savannah drove off knowing karma was going to soon settle in.
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