all he could ever want

chapter 1

**** High everyone, long time lurker but this is my first ever contribution so be kind but I would for sure appreciate any constructive criticism. If this is well received I will continue it! Also Sexual content warning for those who don't want that****

"God what a day" I thought as I got off the bus in the sweltering Texas heat. I had been at the job I hated as a customer service representative getting yelled at by ungrateful idiots for the last twelve hours and wanted nothing more than to shut myself away from the world in my apartment, turn on Netflix and pretend I was the last person on Earth. Most days I didn't mind so much but today was just too much. I walked through the pedestrian gate and towards my apartment on the second floor with my feet dragging and my eyes fixed on the concrete, not even sort of paying attention, when I ran smack dab into another person!

"Oh my God I am so sorry I was not paying attention!" I stammered.

" no problem at all, we all have those days" she said.

The she in question was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was about average height, long thick brown hair almost down to her back, deep brown eyes with tan skin and an incredible smile. She also was so curvy I had to forcibly jerk my eyes upwards. She was not fat by any means, but was hovering just on the border, with soft full legs stretching out some yoga pants, wide hips and big full breasts sitting on a slight belly that peeked out from under white tank top, and arms that looked they used to be fit but were starting to be let go.

"Hi I'm Mary" She smiled flashing her perfect teeth and extended a welcoming hand.

"I'm John, nice to meet you!" I said, suddenly realizing I was shaking her hand far to excitedly.

"Are you new to the area?"
Yea I just moved in, I was lucky enough to get a job teaching at the elementary around the corner, what do you do?"

"I work in security for a tech company here in the city, its insanely boring but it pays well. If your free I can bore you with the details over dinner?"

She smiled and chuckled, causing her slight belly to shake just a little but more than enough to get me excited.
"I would like that very much!"

We talked more as I walked her to her apartment and finalized details for our date. We settled on Seven PM the coming Friday night. I knocked on her door excited and trying to calm my nerves, but when she opened the door all hope of that was lost. She was in a skin tight gorgeous white dress that showed off every amazing curve. I know the words you look beautiful formed in my head but I'm pretty sure what came out was more stuttering and looking like an idiot. She just took my hand and smiled the amazing smile as we walked to my car.

I had booked a reservation a small intimate Italian place not too far away. It was nice, but not too upscale. I wanted to make sure we both felt relaxed enough to get to know each other. It was going amazing, not only was she gorgeous but she was also smart, funny, and kind. We went back and forth trading stories and getting to know each other, and all the while I was also testing. I ordered a large appetizer of Italian Nachos piled high with cheese and peppers. The entire time I only ate on one nacho while she demolished the entire huge plate. I told her to order whatever she wanted and had the waiter continuously bringing her cream sodas as well. After the nachos I ordered a plate of breadsticks with alfredo and the same thing! As long as she was talking she never seemed to notice how much she was eating. I could already see the dress starting to strain around her middle and it was getting harder to concentrate. I took my eyes off her incredibly sexy gut and looked back up and she was staring right at me with a smirk.

"damn! I thought, God knows what she will think
But It did not seem to slow her, in fact in total that evening Mary ate all of the nachos, all of the bread sticks, an entire combo plate that featured samples of various entrees, finished my pasta and ate a quite large piece of tiramisu. By the time I helped her to the car I could almost hear the fabric of her dress fighting to contain her fattening body. The ride home we barely talked and I could not help but glance over to see her slowly, sensuously rubbing her distended belly. We parked in front of her apartment and I walked her to her door, slowly. We stood outside her home and looked into each others eyes neither one saying a word.

"I had a great time Mary, if its okay I want to take you out again "I said, trying to be the picture of politeness.

"I'm sorry, did you think the night is over?"
she asked, coyly.

She pushed the door open and took my hand pulling me inside. I felt by breath quicken and as she led me to her bedroom my heart was almost beating out of my chest. Her apartment was large and spacious, and although I was very much focused on the sexiest woman alive leading me to her bed, I caught a fleeting glimpse of a picture of her that looked at most a year old. She was at least fifty pounds lighter. What followed was a night that would change both of our lives for the better, forever.
I slowly peeled her skin-tight dress off of her, savoring every moment, caressing every curve as she pressed her overfed softness into my rock-hard dick. She turned and kissed me hard, ripping off my shirt and pulling me on top of her. Soon we were both completely naked in the moonlight, her laying flat on the bed, her sun-tanned plump body underneath mine. She looked at me and whispered into my ear, her warm breath on my neck sending a shockwave through my entire being.

"Fuck me like that fat pig I am".

I entered her and began thrusting slowly at first, but I could not keep control. Soon I was slamming into her, causing her entire fat body to wobble and shake. She moaned deep and low, her breath coming in shorter gasps the faster we went.

"Tell me how fat I am john! I know you like it, tell me what a fat pig I am".

"Oh my god you F***ing pig look at you! Look at that overstuffed hog belly and those massive tits, god you are so hot!"

She flipped over, her belly swelling out between her legs her face covered in sweat and cried out in ecstasy as I mounted her from behind. The sound of my hard body drilling into her big shapely ass filled the room. I reached and took her by her thick love handles, getting faster and faster until we both cried out in climax and fell next to each other. As our breathing slowed, I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes knowing that she was the one.

"John, I want you, to make me huge" she whispered.

I was not sure I heard right and I think that showed by the look on my face. That pretty smile flashed across her face again and she lifted her heavy body on top of me pinning me down.

"I want you, to feed me. To feed me until my fat gut falls between my knees. To feed me until my face is swallowed in glorious fat. I want to be a huge, round, obese blob who can't do anything other then eat and be fucked by you. What do you have to say about that?"

I took a moment to reply, still struggling to catch my breath.

"You had me at feed".
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Ffancy 5 years
Looks like this should be tagged as straight female weight gain.
Twatty5 5 years
Thank you! I appreciate the help. I had more punctuation originally but when I transferred it from word it got all jacked up. I'm just going to write it here from now on to avoid the issue haha.
Jazzman 5 years
One more thing.Please use 'you're " when it is called for.

As a new writer you have a terrific skill with imagery.You're a bonafide talent in that department. Very promising author. Try to let your spelling keep up with your natural ability.
Twatty5 5 years
Thanks! Starting on the second chapter soon.
Jazzman 5 years
The second sentence is super long.That interrupts the flow.Everything else seems very promising
Theswordsman 5 years
I hope this story continues
Twatty5 5 years
For anyone who initially viewed it sorry, i guess when you transfer from word it does something weird with the format. I think I fixed everything.