beast of honour

Chapter 1 - beast of honour

A smile forms on my lips as I hear your keys in the door. I quickly check my makeup in the mirror and dim the lights.
I watch as you make your way into the living room and the look on your face is priceless - surprise then anticipation and then arousal at what lies before you.
I'm wearing the negligee you bought me for Valentine's Day and on the coffee table I've laid out all of your favourite treats.

"Welcome home honey" I say in a breathy tone, knowing it drives you wild. I walk on over with a drink in hand which you greedily gulp down. I favour you with a sweet kiss while I wrap my arms round your considerable frame, well I try to, there's just so much of you now.

I trace my fingers down your sides and marvel just how much of you overflows your pants. I can't help myself and grab a pinch of your juicy love handle bringing a smile to your lips. You kiss me again as I run my hand over your full ripe belly.

"I see you've been busy" you say as I bite my lip and look away sheepishly, it's all a ploy of course, I know exactly what I'm doing.
I grab your hand and lead you towards your favourite recliner; I know your eyes are on my cute little butt, watching it jiggle as I walk. There's electricity in the air, suddenly you stop me and pull me back into a passionate kiss, I melt into your arms, I always have a hard time resisting you.

"Mmm baby there'll be enough time for that after your treat I promise" I say through a giddy smile
"About that" you say as you push me back into your recliner "I think. It's about. Time I. Treat you" you pause for effect as you attach each of the restraints I'd prepared for you. "Treat you just as good as you've been treating me"

"But baby I..." I don't get a chance to finish my sentence as you stuff a hotdog into my mouth.
"Don't think I haven't noticed" you trail your fingers over my tummy "you're certainly not as svelte as you used to be" I continue eating as you carry on "it seems that in all your efforts to pack as much weight on to me that you've gained a little yourself"

"It's no more than 10..." again I'm interrupted, this time by the cheeseburger I had so lovingly prepared for you "I think we both know it's a little more than 10lbs honey" your hand pinches the pouch of fat that has recently appeared over the waistband of my panties "it's cute, you're such a good feeder that you couldn't help but gain yourself"

"Yeah but I've been paying so much..." it's pizza this time, you grab yourself a slice while you continue to feed me "You've been paying so much attention to me that you hadn't realised? It's a nice excuse but I think I know different" I shake my head no "No? Well why don't I check just to make sure?" You move your hand further south confirming that my panties are soaked. "Just as I thought, you love this"

"It's a nice change of pace" I say, my breathing is a little laboured "Oh please" you say stripping off your shirt "look at this belly you've put on me" your hands roam all over your expansive gut bringing a blush of arousal to my cheeks as you show off my handiwork "I think that you should get one to match" you say as you bring a donut to my lips.

"What. Would. My. Family say?" I manage to get out between bites "Probably the same as mine, nothing to your face but behind your back there'd be whispers. Did you see her belly?"
Donut number two is pressed to my lips and I eagerly accept it "Look how big her thighs have gotten"
A third is offered and no resistance is met "Talk about fat ass, she really takes the cake! Oh speaking of cake." You cut a slice of the devil's food cake that I baked earlier.

"No, stop!" I manage to squeak out
"What's the matter, thirsty?" I nod my head and you bring a straw to my lips "Oohh chocolate shake and if I know you, you've laced this with that weight gain shake you like to use so much?" I nod my head as I continue sucking down on the creamy shake. "You know what that means don't you?" I nod my head again as you continue "That's 2,000 calories if my memory serves me correctly, 2,000 calories that are going to turn to luscious fat around those delectable thighs of yours" An involuntary moan escapes my lips as you mention this "Oh does that turn you on chunky? Me talking about how fat you're going to get?"

"I think this was your plan from the start" I shake my head again "Are you sure? Fatten me up into a butterball only for me to turn the tables on you?" You now have that rich chocolate cake in your hand again "This is what you want isn't it? The big fatty you created to turn you into a big fatso too?"

I shiver with anticipation as you bring a forkful of that devilish treat within inches of my eager mouth. "All you have to do is ask for it"
I look up into your face, a smug smile on your lips. "I want it" I say, barely audible.

"What was that? What do you want? Louder this time"
"I want you to feed me!" I practically scream at you before you relent and allow me to sample the cake that I made, I know exactly how fattening I made it.
You shove another forkful into my waiting mouth before leaning forward and whispering in my ear.

"I'm going to make you so fucking fat"
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PrincessBlurmy 4 years
This is one of my personal favourites too. 😊
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Oh gawd!

You know how to press all the right buttons of erotic storytelling.

I love how restrained and compact this story is.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
I like the psychological aspect of all this, and the whole tables-turned feeder-becoming-feedee thing! Very erotic, and very well-done. As always, you are an exquisite writer. Thanks for sharing your talents and your tales.
CeReallyFat 5 years
Very sexy, love the mutual gainer theme
QuebecFA 5 years
This is such a well-written erotic sorry! I eagerly await more! :-)
Jazzman 6 years
Awesome! Fabulous!