bellows farm, two

chapter 1

I woke up on a Saturday morning. It was still pretty early, my wife Sally was still asleep next me. Her round belly was rising and falling with her breathing. Her hand was resting on her belly, creating creases in her belly fat. Sally had gained over seventy pounds in the first year we moved into Bellows Farm development. Our daughter, Missy, too had ballooned during becoming a miniature version of her mom.

I eased myself over the edge of our king size bed, not easy considering I too had put on over fifty pounds myself. I sat up, my fifty one inch belly sagged onto my fat thighs, my tight briefs cut into my fat rear and thighs, I thought, “Okay, now heft your fat belly and ass up without waking up Sally.” I rested my hand on the bedside table and stood up. My weight came off the bed, but in didn’t wake Sally. I kind of waddled to the bathroom, went in admiring my girth in the mirror, used the toilet and then went downstairs.

I resisted the urge to start eating, it was hard too, but I wanted to do some neatening up before Sally and Missy woke up. I cleaned up a bunch of wrappers from the family room, put a bunch of ice cream bowls in the dishwasher and took out the trash. We bought so much processed food that we have been adding trash cans, we are up to five with weekly pickup. I wiped down the counters and dusted.

I brushed up against one of the granite counters, feeling the cold on my belly. I realized I didn’t put on a t-shirt. So I hefted myself back upstairs to put on a shirt. I waddled into the bedroom, admiring Sally’s round form in bed, I grabbed a t-shirt and started back downstairs. I almost ran into Missy, “Hi Daddy good morning.” “Good Moring honey how did you sleep?” “Fine Daddy, but I’m hungry!” “Well come on let’s fix you a nice, big breakfast.” “Daddy can I have pancakes, waffles and French toast, please, pretty please.” “Of course honey, quiet now, let’s not wake up mommy.”

Missy followed me downstairs. When we moved to Bellows Farm, Missy had been a tiny little pixy of a girl, rail thin and petite. Her appetite and metabolism changed as quickly as Sally’s had. She now was quite plump, with a bulging belly and round, bubble butt, atop plump, nearly perfectly round thighs, which rubbed together when she walked, nearly causing her to waddle. I opened the freezer and got out frozen waffles. I popped four in the toaster oven and started it. I got out pancake mix, milk, eggs and a loaf of bread. The toaster oven “dinged” and I quickly put waffles on a plate, smothered them with syrup and put in front of my plump little daughter. “Thanks Daddy!” She laid into them immediately. I mixed up pancake batter, fixed the milk and eggs to dip French toast and got the stove going.

Missy giggled and then I felt something very soft press into my fat butt. I knew it could only be one thing/person, Sally’s amazing round belly. I turned around to give her a kiss. She squeezed my cheek fat, and I patted her belly, “Good Morning Babe! How is my super hottie wife this morning?” Sally giggled, “Your super hottie is hungry! It’s time for me to start filling my tummy with Missy!” Missy had nearly pounded down all of the waffles I had fixed, but the pancakes were up. I got a plate for Sally and refilled Missy’s with pancakes and more syrup.

While my girls were eating I fixed a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. Sally looked up from her plate, with her mouth full, “Matt, ump, you’re up early.” “Yeah, honey, I wanted to straighten up the house before your sister gets here.” Sally giggled, “Matt, the last thing she going to care about is how neat the house is especially after seeing us!” She patted her belly to make her point.

I was dreading Sally’s sister Elaine coming to visit. She was a fitness freak and had been on Sally, since seeing our Christmas photo card we sent. We had been living here a few months, both Sally and Missy had already started to gain weight. I thought the card disguised the weight gain pretty well, but good old Elaine picked up on it immediately.

An hour later Missy and Sally were finished with breakfast, both of their bellies were bulging and full. “You guys should go shower and get dressed. I will clean up and then take a shower. We need to be at the airport in two hours.” “Matt dear, help me up.” “Sure babe.” I took Sally’s hands and leaned back pulling her up from the chair. “Thanks dear. Missy come on pumpkin, we need to get dressed to pick up Aunt Elaine.” “Mommy, is Aunt Elaine going to be mad at us?” “Why would Aunt Elaine be mad at us, Missy?” “Because we have big tummies now.” “Oh don’t worry, I’m sure Aunt Elaine will understand, Missy.” I thought, “I don’t think so.”

I finished cleaning up, which also meant eating any leftovers, getting me pretty stuffed, I always fix too much. I showered and started to get dressed. I asked Sally, “What are you going to wear to the airport, honey?” “Matt, I’m going to wear stretch pants and a t-shirt/blouse.” I thought, “Well no point in trying to disguise how fat we all are.” I pulled out a pair of jeans, a size thirty eight/relaxed fit. I Sally bought them when I started to put on weight, several months ago. I pulled them on getting them up over my fat cheeks and thighs, I zipped them up, but couldn’t button them, so I pulled on an XXL t-shirt, which at least covered my belly. Missy waddled into our room wearing a very tight dress. Aunt Elaine had given it to her before we moved to Bellows Farm. Missy’s belly was lifting up the hem, exposing Missy’s tight panties, her bottom cheeks were lifting the back too. “Mommy and daddy, look my dress from Aunt Elaine still fits!” I was about to say something, when Sally piped up, “Missy honey, go change into your bathing suit briefs honey, you’ll be more comfortable.” “Okay Mommy.” Missy waddled back to her room to change. “Nice save, Sal.” She smiled, “Thanks, Matt, I knew if we made her change we would have a battle, she has been talking about wearing that dress all week.”

We got to the airport just as Elaine’s flight was landing. I worried that she would make a scene when she saw us. Then, there she was, still skinny, though short, actually a little shorter than Sally’s five foot three. I saw her eyes widen when she spotted us. She came over and surveyed our new, much larger, softer bodies. “Well look at all of you, don’t you look well fed this morning.” (Okay, snide, but not as mean or vicious as I had feared.) Sally spoke up, “It’s good to see you Elaine, welcome!” Sally and Elaine hugged, Elaine poked Sally’s belly. Sally just smiled and patted it. She bent down to hug Missy, when Missy announced, “Aunt Elaine, I’m wearing the dress you gave me! It still fits me too.” She recovered, not wanting to admonish Missy or embarrass her, “You look so cute in it too dear.” Elaine gave Sally and I a nasty look.

We went out to the car and drove home. Elaine was restrained in the car not wanting to lecture and admonish us in front of Missy. But as soon as we got home and Elaine watched Missy waddle up the stairs to change, she laid into us.

“How could you two get so fat in one year? Your daughter, oh my God, she is obese! I’ve never seen a child her age that fat! She waddles, she is so obese. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s one thing to let yourselves go, but to fatten up a child!” We stood and took it for awhile. Missy came down and wanted to go to the pool. I thought, “Oh know, Elaine sees all of our neighbors she really going to freak.

We drove to the pool. Elaine of course was upset that it was so close and we drove. She was wearing a black nylon bikini and a matching halter top. I had on my largest “Speedo”, Sally and Missy were wearing two piece swimsuits, which of course, Elaine made a snide remark about.

We got to the pool and signed in. Elaine was stunned speechless seeing the level of obesity of our neighbors. She looked around gasping at the sight of obese women, lounging and eating. All of the women present were obese, no exceptions. I noticed several women staring at Elaine, it was very, very rare to see a slim woman anywhere in Bellows Farm, much less the pool.
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