boy meets death

chapter 1

Looking back at my high school days all I felt was criticism back and forth to the point where I wanted to drop out and become a fucking junkie like my father knowing I have tons of anger issues it sure as hell does feel like me sniffing tons of crystal meth it's you get busy talking being all talkative about what you like and people get annoyed with you making you feel like you don't belong and you feel like an outcast. This story is kind of easy right now I am taking a dunk in the bathroom taking a leak. And I still look back to it and sometimes I feel like an outcast to those days where I wanted to lose my temper and go on a rampage. Even then I still have tons of questions like tons of things unanswered like what would happen if I went back in time. I mean I can't forgive my past. I tried to overcome my issues everyday is a new fucking challenge. And to be honest I never fucking went to college. There were a lot of things I could do in my free time which is 24 freaking 7. Like watch movies, listen to music, masturbate to feederism models who are the opposite sex of myself. And every time I get worked up over something I lose my cool and I try my best not to but it's hard. The movies I watch are based on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Saw, Bad Boys, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. The music I listen to is more like nu metal with the mixture of hard rock into it. And I suck horribly at admitting my feelings and talking to girls, and I even suck worse at bowling, maybe I'm just a spoiled brat but unlike most spoiled brats when I asked for something I want I actually know when it comes out so I actually wait a little longer than I ask for it ahead of time. And I could think of all the names I could call myself but it might be too intense. So I would say viewer discretion is advised. Even I go like God can wait for me like when I hear something that's good news I am like thank God but when I get disgusted I'm like dear God that's how I am that's what I'm like when I get grossed out.
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