do you like it when...

chapter 1

Do you like it when:

He walks up behind you, places his arms around you, massages your belly, while gently nibbling on your ear and neck.

You come home and find the bathroom candlelit, soft music playing, have a nice warm bubble bath waiting for you, and your favorite chocolates await.

The limo arrives to whisk you and him to a fancy dinner, dancing, and romance.

He surprises you with a relaxing cruise or fully inclusive resort vacation, knowing you can relax and eat all you want.

He buys you a new bikini for your vacation so you can show off your growing curves.

He buys you a new dress and another dress a couple of sizes larger.

He writes you a story describing how he will help you grow so you can fit into the larger dress.

The massage table awaits along with copious amounts of warm baby oil, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne.

For no reason, he pulls you into him, sensuously kissing you while pulling your clothes off, then passionately make love to you.

You get excited when you think of him.

He hides love notes telling you how much he enjoys being with you and how beautiful you are.

Your favorite meal is served to you by candlelight.

He grabs, rubs, or kisses your belly.

You realize your clothes fit tighter because he encourages and takes good care of you.

That extra jiggle in your growing belly is because he takes such good care of you.

You know that no matter how large you grow, he will always care for you.

He gets just as excited as you do when you gain.

He rewards you with your favorite meal, sweets, pastries, and dessert when you reach a milestone weight.

After you reach a milestone weight he takes you shopping so you can pick out clothes for your growing body.

While at a party, he whispers in your ear that you are the largest woman in the room and that he is so proud of you.

He rubs and kisses your growing belly while you stuff yourself.

You realize your thigh is bigger than his waist.

You know he is a true FA and loves to show you off.
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