fattened by envy on the beach (commissioned)

chapter 1

The three girlfriends were contently waiting on the beach in their bathing suits, looking forward to a relaxing day of fun in the sun with their fourth friend, who had texted to reassure them that she was coming. She was apparently running late as she had lost track of the time at the gym this morning.

“She worked out at the gym this morning? Who the hell does she think she is?”

“Maybe she finally got fat like the rest of us and thought it could help hide it at the last minute,” chuckled the blonde of the group. She was nowhere near fat, but her figure had softened over the years the women had known each other. The first woman to have spoken up was rather chubby now, and the third woman looked thin everywhere except for the fat, soft gut that poked out and hung slightly over the bottoms of her bathing suit.

“She is just going to let go one day and get fatter than all of us put together,” laughed the woman with the gut.

“I’d love to see that,” admitted the third friend, “but I highly doubt it”.

They paused their laughter, quietened momentarily by their admission of collective jealousy.

“Well, you never know,” mused the blonde winking at her friends, “she may just get really insatiably hungry one day…”

“Hey, sorry I’m late!”

They all looked around and saw the friend they had been waiting on – slightly flushed from rushing, that only served to highlight how attractive she was. If anything, her slightly muscular physique looked even more toned than last time they had all met up. The other ladies crossed their arms over themselves self-consciously.

“Let’s hit the beach!” She laughed as she dropped her things on her towel on the sand and joyfully led the way to the water, completely oblivious to her friends’ envy of her body.

* * *

The friends had really worked up a thirst while they had splashed about in the waves together.

“Where are the cold drinks? I swear, I could drink a whole gallon of anything so long as it was cold!” The woman who had been late exclaimed to her pals.

“Oh as if!” Retorted the woman closest to her, “where would all that even fit?!”

She poked her toned friend’s firm abs, as she giggled “I dunno, I bloat up like crazy sometimes!”

“I bet you’d be too chicken to down a gallon of soda, cold or not,” challenged the blonde friend, “you would be too scared to ruin your perfect figure!”

“Oh, yeah?…pass me that bottle of soda then!”

Her three friends watched in delighted shock as their slim and fit-looking friend started to gulp down the sugar-laden, carbonated liquid. After the first few gulps even, her belly seemed to stick out more than it had. Then her whole body seemed to bloat a little all over, right before their eyes. This continued more and more as she downed the whole gallon. Her cheeks appeared chubbier by the end of it, and her stomach was starting to look like she was in mid pregnancy. Whole body looking swollen, she smiled cheekily at her friends, slightly out of breath, and then let out a hearty belch.

“See! Easily done,” she said, patting her now protruding middle contently.

“Well, if that was so easy, maybe a second would be a more ideal challenge for you?” The blonde passed her another gallon of cold soda mischievously.

The woman that had been athletic looking only a minute hesitated a moment, before a grin spread over her face and she started knocking the soda back impressively. As she drank this time, thick layers of fat seemed to cover the woman’s toned muscles, before it appeared to melt away into the flab that was accumulating around her hips and thighs, in her nearing large belly and under her upper arms. The other women started in wide-eyed shock, as she finished and let out yet another belch, nearly as huge as she looked now in comparison to a few short minutes ago.

This time she sighed and moaned slightly as her hands sunk into the belly she had just acquired, rubbing it tenderly and making her love handles and ass cheeks jiggle along with it. Her stomach let out an abrupt groan.

“Oof! I’m sooo hungry now. Let’s go find a food truck!”
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