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Chapter 1 - Meat Cute

John Castell was as happy as ever. Thousands of miles away from his overbearing mother and ready to live the first day of his life, Mr. Castell was a strapping young man, 5’7 and 140 pounds he was thin but not scrawny. An shaggy blond hair with thin wire frame round glasses, despite the well built frame he had a nerdish look to him and it was accurate to his personality. The young man never did grow out of his love for old tv shows like M*A*S*H and games like pokemon but now was the time to get a fresh start, maybe get a girlfriend. He had never had one before, lacking the confidence but maybe this was his chance to finally find the love of his lif- he already ruined his first day by walking into another student.

Cassidy Longhood was only 30 minutes from her dad’s two bedroom apartment. She had confidence falling out of her ass in all honesty, 6’3 and 180 pounds of pure muscle. She was hot shit and she knew it, loud and proud everyone knew when Cass was on campus. Her thick curly red hair up in a bun and wearing a sports bra and biking shorts, her ass was enough to make someone break their necks. What she lacked in the chest area she made up down below, her toned body was able to catch her peers attention. Those who weren’t infatuated with her body were charmed by her attitude, her sweet personality was a big draw- She just ran into someone. As she looked down she saw John and he was cute, as he looked up at her his heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, here let me get that for you” John said bending down to get her dropped books. She looked deep into the young boys eyes “Oh no let me get it.” He blushed.

When John asked her out she couldn’t help but love his awkward “adorkable” charm, sure some of her softball team mates poked fun at the senior for dating a freshman but she didn’t care. The only thing was John wasn’t really her type, so very slim. It was a shame, he’d make a good little butter ball. John was over the moon, she was tall, muscular and most importantly very polite and nice. It came across loudly in their text, with every request ending with a please or a would you kindly. Over the next week they hung out but never went out on a date, John would often sit with Cass at lunch with her team. Cass often not finishing her food and passing it on to John and not wanting to be rude John would always finish it. With the first official date coming when Cass sent a text one night that just read “Waffle House?”
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