feeding emma

chapter 1

I've been living with Emma for two months now. Everything's great and everything I just... can't stop thinking about her getting fatter. She's put on a few pounds since moving in with me and I can't get enough of seeing her in her tight clothes. She's 5'4, long brown hair, green eyes, 34B cup breasts, and she now has a soft midsection, not quite a belly but not hard and flat, hips with a bit of a flair, thick thighs that still have a little gap, and a plump ass that has a little bubble shape to it.

We are chilling in the living room and Emma's in her tight leggings and tank top clinging to her perky tits. "Hey babe can you make me a snack" she says, absentmindedly rubbing her belly.

I reply "yeah sure!". I come back from the kitchen two minutes later with leftover pizza i had earlier and a big thick milkshake.

"I made you this shake too, it's a recipe my friend from work gave me, it's got all the nutrients you need in it". Little does she know its 2000 calories of cream and sugar.

"Oh this is awesome love" she says before greedily drinking the shake, her belly slowly showing a outline through her shirt. The high calories start to make her sleepy as she finishes it up.

I start to think that if i kept this up for a few weeks she'd definitely gain some weight. I rub her belly as she goes to sleep thinking of what was to come.

The next morning I woke her up with a cooked breakfast and another shake

"Morning babe!" I call gently, "here, eat this, you need the energy today".

Emma groggily opens her eyes and stretches, her belly seemingly a bit puffy from the night before. She starts to eat, her belly rounding out again. "Thanks babe, though I'm off work today so I was just going to lounge around today", she says, between bites. I can see her shorts waistband digging in more and more as she eats.

"Don't worry if you feel a bit bloated from these shakes, apparently that always happens as your body get used to it, but it'll actually slow your metabolism down in the long run!" I say. Hopefully by the time she realises that the shakes are causing her to gain weight she'll be too fat to do anything about it.

"Here, I made you one for with your lunch too".

"Oh okie babe" She replies, and gives me a light kiss. I can feel her new pudgy belly poke into me as she leans in.
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SpoonKing123 5 years
Where did you role play? I’ve always wanted to do that.😉
AndiFive 5 years
Continue pls!!!
Theswordsman 5 years
So how much soes she weigh because you never gave a specific amount