growing for her

chapter 1

"You look so fat today"

I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend standing in the doorway, staring at me. Even after 5 years, I could not believe I had such a stunning girlfriend. Not only her face, with her deep blue eyes and plump red lips, was beautiful, but also her shape was one of a bikini model.

"I think 'fat' is an understatement honey" I responded.

In fact, I think I had stopped being just "fat" a few hundred pounds ago. At about 500 pounds, I did not know how to describe my size, but it was clearly not just "fat". My arms were at least the size of regular size thighs. My moobs had, for a long time, exceeded the size of my girlfriend's C cup boobs. They were bigger than most women's and sat on my huge stomach which was itself enormous. When I was lying, it covered almost half of my legs.

"I can't believe you got so huge for me, piggy." She said as she walked towards the bed and sat next to me. "You were so slim and now look at you. You are almost 5 times as heavy as I am."

She placed her hand on my belly and started caressing it. Then, she started playing with my moobs. I loved when she touched my fat. In fact, most of the time, it was enough for me to get hard and this one was no different. I moaned as she jiggled my fat.

"You like it when I play with your massive body baby?" She asked while moving her hand towards the lowest part of my huge stomach.

I only moaned as a reply, but it seemed to satisfy her. She slipped her hand under my massive stomach until her forearm was totally covered and started searching for my cock, without success.

"The fatter you get, the harder it gets for me to find it piggy. Help me instead of just lying there like a beached whale please."

I did as instructed and grabbed the most of my belly that I could reach and pulled it towards my face. I couldn't see her hand, but I felt it moving towards my cock. Then, she grabbed the part of it that was not buried.

"If you continue growing at that rate, your fat will cover it completely in no time" She teased me.

As she stroked it, she started playing with my fat belly.

"I love your belly so much, fatso. It is so big and soft! Even more so when I compare it to my own flat stomach."

It was true. My belly looked like an ocean of fat while her's had developed a small six pack and was rock hard. Her eyes moved towards my moobs. She grabbed one and started jiggling it.

"And what can I say about your massive breasts. I think your tits are twice the size of mine. I don't even think I know any woman who has boobs as big as yours. But you know what? I can't wait till they get even bigger!"

I loved when she compared my massive body to her slender one. It made me feel even fatter. I also loved thinking about the fact that this beauty, who could get any guys she wanted, was attracted to a mountain of fat like me.

She stopped playing with my fat and moved her pussy towards my cock. She straddled my impressive girth and put my dick, or at least the part of it that was sticking out of my fat, inside her. She moved slowly at first, her slim stomach rubbing against my fat-filled one. As her pace increased, I felt my body jiggling more and more, both because of her slim body slapping against my belly and her hands playing with my fat.

"That's it piggy! Let me do all the work while you lay there like the mountain of lard you are! Get used to it because I will make you even fatter than this." She screamed.

"Yes! Fuck your fat piggy" I replied. "Make me even fatter. Make me so fat that I cover this whole mattress!"

"I know you like it being a fat hog who eats all the time. Getting fatter and fatter until you are too fat to do anything other than eating and getting fucked."

"I'm gonna get so huge!"

That was all she needed to reach orgasm. I followed a few seconds later. She lied beside me caressing my fat belly.

"So baby are you ready for breakfast?" She asked

"Is that even a question?"
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Huge Lover 4 years
I'm sorry for the long delay, but I decided to finally write the last chapters of this story. There is still one on the way!
Story Consul... 6 years
I'd like to read more
Biggestinthe... 6 years
write more
BeSoft 6 years
as a contrast fan it's simply written but arousing tbh.. I prefer my GF 4-5 times smaller than me.. go on bud. thanks!
Built4com4t 6 years
more arousing if you fleshed out the characters (no pun intended), their motivation, desires, etc. ... anyway nice little vignette :-)