hansel & gretel

Chapter 1 - We need to get somewhere fast

"I can't believe you've gotten us lost!" Gretel yelled to Hansel, the only way he'd be able to hear her over the howling winds and piercing snow.

"How was I supposed to know a blizzard would come along and ruin my genius plan to prevent us getting lost." Hansel spat back trying to shield his eyes from the weather while also attempting to maneuver through the low branches of the surrounding trees and foliage along the floor.

"Destroying the only food we brought with us and throwing it to the ground to leave a trail in a forest is not a "genius plan"." She replied squinting through the white at where she thought he was.
"And what if it hadn't snowed, what if rain washed it away, or animals came and had a snack?"
"Even a slight breeze on a perfectly climate day would have sent your plan literally up into the air."

With all the flaws being made apparent to him Hansel knew that he wasn't going to win this argument. He let her comments slide so he could focus on their situation which became more dire with each passing moment. The storm grew heavier, the forest grew thicker and panic was slowly creeping into his thoughts. He had lost track of how long they had been out here and while he knew on summers day they could have wandered for possibly days before having to worry, in this weather the cold would get them long before hunger, thirst or nature would.

"Why did it have to be the food too, you couldn't have used string or anything I'm starvi-" Gretel began to moan before being cut off after bumping into the now stationary Hansel.
"Hey! Why have you stopped we don't have time to-" she started before being interrupted a second time by Hansel.

"Shhh." Hansel leaned close so she could hear him without making too much noise.

"Why are you being quite no one could hear us even if there was anyone near by, plus i'm freezing, wet, hungry and it's your fault so don't start with that" Gretel said raising her arms to signify the lack of life around them.

"Shush!" Hansel said raising a finger to point at a dull orange glow not too far from them. "Do you not see that?"

"Warmth!" Gretel squealed dashing off with exaggerated steps to get through the thick blanket of snow on the ground. By the time Hansel reacted and yelled after her to stop she was already past the layers of trees and approaching the orange haven.

Gretel was stood with a grin agape under an awning of gingerbread and icing when Hansel caught up with her, his frustration subsiding as curiosity took it's place at the forefront of his mind. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. At first glance it appeared to be a normal house just like the ones in his town but a second glance would show it was constructed out of sweets and confectionery.

Liquorice sconces held wafer torches that burnt berry scented blue flames on either side of the solid chocolate door. He noticed plants with stems of sweet laces sprouting from sponge cake soil with a variety of sugar paper flowers blooming from the top. As he walked along the porch of gingerbread he noticed that not only confectionery made the house but foodstuffs of every kind. Outdoor furniture consisting of jerky beef lawn chairs surrounded a perpetually hot meat pie sundial with a view of the small clearing in front of the house. After what felt like hours, but must have only been minutes, of observing this wonder he came back to reality and felt uneasy all of a sudden, suspicious of why a building like this exists at all.

"Hey Gretel, what do yo-" Hansel started before hearing the door close behind him and turning to see Gretel beckoning him in through the sugar glass window.
A mischievous grin upon her face.
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Jens01 3 years
very good .....more please
Math Machine 4 years
I’m loving this story so far! Please continue!!!