her last year

Chapter 1 - new life

“If nothing changes, you will die within a year”. Those were the words of her doctor. He told her that only an hour before. She always knew she would hear that words from a doctor, she thought she was ready for them, but she wasn’t. Nobody can be prepared to hear that they will die so soon. She stood there, naked in her bathroom, starting at herself in the mirror. She was just 28 years old and weighted 286 kg. If not for a new mirror she wouldn’t be able to she herself fully in it from where she stood. Her belly, covered by huge, red stretchmarks hanged almost to her knees, her ass and thighs so wide she always felt them touching frame of a door from one side or another. She stepped closer to it, so close her belly touched cold surface. She moved her sausage like fingers on her fat neck roll. She knew she was fat, not always. It took her almost 11 years to be as big as she was now. Before that she was miserable, trapped in a body. She hated herself back then. For being skinny and for wanting to be fat. It took years of therapy to find herself and to let her be herself. And that how she got here. Years of hard and hard work. Day after day. But now? What now?
- Honey I’m home — She heard a voice coming from her loving boyfriend. She met him 5 years ago while still under 200 kg. After just 2 months of dating and gaining he asked her to be his girlfriend. She always wondered if he was with her just because she was into gaining.
- I’m coming — She said, looking at herself last time in the mirror.
From bathroom to living room where her armchair was just 11 meters. For a people of normal size it was a couch but for her it was armchair. Only 11 meters, and she was out of Breath, her face red and sweet pouring down her face. Table next to her chair was full of her favorite KFC. All that grease and chicken and fries. Her mind was clouded but only one thought. Eat. But then she noticed her doctor papers next to it. Just as she left them. He ignored them when he placed all that food.
After a hard walk, she rested her huge body in a chair.
- Here’s my queen. — He said as he arrived from a kitchen, holding a 2L cold bottle of Pepsi. — How was your doctor visit? You need to “ Lose weight” talk as always?
- Well… - she paused. She didn’t know what to tell him. This idea, this threat to her life was so new… - i think… you sh…should see that. — She gave him papers.
While she was slowly, almost automaticly snacking on fries, he read paper. She could see both strange excitement and worry on his face.
- So…what is your plan — he said as he placed paper back on a table, next to her, and next to the food.
That was a question she wasn’t ready to answer. At that moment, a true feeling of dread hit her. But she wasn’t sure if it was because of her coming death. No. It was a fear. Fear of being miserable again. She remembers well those years, when she cutter herself, when she wanted to die, when she was a person in a wrong body. No. How can she be happy again, if she stopped what she loved.
Well my plan is to.. — She paused, so she could grab a piece of chicken from a plate — go noting but eat. Just as we both love.
2 months later
- Yes Doctor, I removed all fast food and sugar from my diet — She said as she stood in a bathroom naked, next to a scale and her boyfriend. That call was a surprise for her. It interrupted special day for her. — Yes it was hard but thank to my boyfriend it’s not as hard. Yes i understand, yes…yes…yes ok, thank you so much for a call. Have a nice day.
She paused to catch her breath. Just standing was hard for her.
- It isn’t nice to lie like this.
- I know… But we have a better things to do now — She said as she steeped on a scale.
There was a moment of silence.
- Well my love, you can now call yourself obese. You are now 301.2 kg.
She was shocked for a moment. But a great happiness hit her after that. She was so happy she wanted to jump, but she didn’t know how anymore.
- I knew you will hit 300 kg the day renovation is finish. Are you ready to say goodbye to the rest of the house? — He asked as he reached out to help her move.
- Yes…

As they walked, she looked last time at the house. Her bathroom, her kitchen, living room, armchair…just all of it. He helped her clime stair. 15 stairs, 15 minutes of climbing. 1 minute for each step. While resting, she looked at old pics of her and her family hanging on a wall. She remembers well the last words her mother told her. She was better of alone, without her.
She was glad it was a last time she would have to go up the stairs. For another 5 min, slowly step after step he led her to her new room. It was a challenge for her to fit thru door frames. He made sure they were smaller, so she couldn’t leave at all after gaining some more. After 4 minutes of fighting with her own body she was finally here. Her new home.
1 week later.
- I see you are getting use to your immobile;e lifestyle — He said as he arrived with a new bag of McDonald. — I see you even got used to your new way of toileting.
She heard him, but she was to busy eating right now. For a whole week she stayed in bed, fully immobile at this point. Yea a tube wasn’t most comfortable thing at first but it was better than to get up to toilet.
- You know babe? I’m proud of you. Knowing you will die because of how fat you are and still wanting to gain more. It turns me on so much. — He said as he grabbed her roll with one hand, and put down his pants with other.
- You want to fu…*gasp* fuck my Rolls again? — She said. She loved that feeling when he pushed his warm cock into her belly. It was less tiring for her didn’t have to stop eating, and she could come because of it so it was a win-win in her mind.

2 months later.

- I know …* gasp* What? No i was ju…*gasp* just working out… Yes im down to…*gasp* 240 kg… Yes new diet wo…*gasp* works great. I need to work out some more…*gasp* but thank you for calling.
In her mind she was working out. Just stuffing herself made her out of breath. She needed to make like 3-4 breaks during meals. She felt both great and bad. She was happy but her body started to…well falling apart. She was always tiered, her chest hurts, she can’t life her legs, her fingers are to fat for her to play games.
But it was her life now, and she was ready for it.
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Daan 2 years
Nice story but maybe check your grammar. Would love to see it continue or some more details idk