jennifer and the two week cruise

chapter 1

Jennifer pinched at the extra chub. She still found it hard to believe that it was all her. The hungry and horny newly wed had managed to pack on a whopping 20lbs of pure flab during their two week honeymoon cruise. Jennifer had intended on her husband gaining weight, but in reality she was the one gaining while her husbsnd? Guy, still looked pretty much the same.

Addung 20 additional pounds of pure lard in just two weeks was quite the accomplishment, for any feedee, be they man or woman. Where most people would have been freaking out over gaining more than a pound a day for an entire fortnight, Jennifer was quite pleased with herself. And from the way Guy had been making love to her, it was appearant that he at least didn't disapprove of her recent weight gain.

Jennifer smiled while rubbing her stuffed belly which formed a nice muffin top over her too tight waistband. Feeling her newly added girth and softness, Jennifer was truly impressed with her efforts. Yes, you heard right, HER EFFORTS. Jennifer's weight gain was definitely not any kind of mistake or oversight. No one gains that amount of weight in such a short time without some planning.

Jennifer had been thin and fit her for all of her adult life. Heck, she met her now husband, Guy at a local gym where they were both personal trainers. Back then they were so fit and trim, but that was years ago.

Guy was still as hard bodied as ever, but Jennifer had slowly gained enough weight to go from hottie, to milf, and now after this cruise, into a very plump yet sexy bbw. Her weight gain wasn't all of a sudden, well at least up until the cruise.

For most of their relationship, Jennifer had managed to keep up with her husband Guy's daily grueling cardio and weightlifting regimes. She even somewhat kept up with it after taking a position at the bank. As a teller, Jennifer had few responsibilities after work and was able to keep up pretty good, even with Guy.

But in the year leading up to their wedding, the young assistant branch manager found herself seated for at least an additional 20 to 30 hours a week as she went from hourly pay to salary. The money was good, but it definitely cut into her workout time.

At first, she barely noticed, but after a couple of months, her too tight clothes and the scale didn't lie. Jennifer did her best to hide her weight gain from her husband constantly buying bigger sizes while at least trying to mitigate the effects of her more sedentary lifestyle by working out, occasionally. But that all changed the moment Jennifer read Guy's secret "diary" folder. She just couldn't help herself. And boy did that change everything, forever going forward.

He'd secretly desired for both of them to gain weight and get fat together, but like her was too embarrassed to say anything. So that was when the bride to be concocted a plan to fatten them both up during their honeymoon cruise. At first Jennifer was filled with excitement as they'd both ate like it was going out of style. However, after two weeks of eating like pigs, Jennifer was the only one between them that had put on any significant weight, much to her chagrin.
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