locked down, and plumping up - part seven - (the plumpened office)

chapter 1

Sarah took a moment to steady her breaths, that were deeper and faster than they had been, no doubt due to her current excitement. She watched as her whole body seemed to move with her breaths far more than they had before she had worked from home. That was the last thing she needed right now; to be turned on by her own added girth. She raised her eyes to focus on the ceiling, and considering her colleagues. Two of them, a male and a female, were both heavily into fitness, so at least they probably hadn’t added much to their frames, if anything.

Reassured by this thought, Sarah started toward her office. She tried to ignore the fact that her arm flab and fattened sides had to press together to open the door.

The first of her familiar co-workers, Anita, was tall and slim. At least, she had been. She had her back to Sarah as she entered, allowing Sarah to notice her ass cheeks sagging much lower than usual and looking buttery soft. Anita hadn’t exactly widened much overall, but some plump love handles were bulging from the waistband of her pencil skirt that also look a bit strained across her thighs.

“Hey, Anita!” exclaimed Sarah, “long time no see!”

She was pleasantly surprised when Anita turned around to reveal a small but puffy muffin top and the outline of a hanging belly she’d tried to tuck into her skirt. She embraced Sarah and their new flabby flesh pressed against each other in a squishy way that Sarah may have enjoyed a little bit too much. As they drew away from each other, Sarah could appreciate how much Anita had softened all over and noticed lines where she was spilling out of her bra.

Further down the hallway-like room lined with desks, another of her colleagues sat and waved friendlily but didn’t get up. Sarah had some idea why. Marcus had been a little bit chunky with a slightly protruding stomach before lockdown, but he had ballooned out threatening to burst! Especially in his belly. He and Sarah weren’t overly close, but Marcus looked so much like a big, fat, cuddly teddy bear that she hugged him too, momentarily sinking into and being encased a little by all of his incredibly soft fat. It was heavenly.

As they retracted, they heard the approach of what sounded like a stampede of baby hippos. Who was coming to see them now?

Krystal and Michael were well-known gym goers (not that Krystal overly looked it), but as they herded themselves through the office door to take their places as their desks covered in donut crumbs, it was clear that they were nowhere near as keen on home workouts. They had both thickened considerably, Krystal being outright chunky now.

“Oh, Sarah! We needed to pass on that Christine needed to see you!” Krystal exclaimed.

“Oh, Christine? How has she been doing? Does anyone know?” Sarah probed.

A knowing glance passed between Michael and Krystal. The silence grew until Michael broke it.

“Well…she certainly looks like she is doing well…looking after herself.”

“Well, as in well-fed?” Krystal responded, poking Michael in their swollen stomach.

Sarah gulped. She didn’t know how much more she could take of this.
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