magic clothing store

chapter 1

Laura stormed into the clothing shop on a mission. She was determined to find something for the dance that would truly make every boy stop and stare. Despite multiple warnings from the head of the college about extremely low cut and revealing clothing, Laura wanted something that would make her B-cup breasts shine. However, this particular clothing store was different. There weren’t many dresses on display and instead mannequins of different body proportions. In the corner lounged an incredibly beautiful and curvaceous woman with dark flowing hair. She was a little too round for Laura’s taste but this shop was her last chance to find something showstopping. Rather the talk to the lady directly she impatiently lent forward to tap the bell, unimpressed about not being greeted immediately. Laura was a tall, sandy-haired and incredibly athletic. Finding someone that didn’t immediately fawn over her good looks and symmetrical face was rare but this lady didn’t seem to care. Instead she was flipping through a magazine. When she heard the bell, she did not move a muscle beside one eyebrow which she raised. “Excuse me lady? I expect service?” Laura sneered. “I need a dress that accentuates my curves.” The lady did not move but instead sighed loudly and flipped another page of her magazine. “I don’t know if you know,” Laura continued, “but I’m a quite popular local model and people take my opinion pretty seriously on my Youtube channel. If I was to give a negative review of this shop how do you think your business would fair?”

The lady looked up, not at all threatened but instead slightly amused. “My apologies, I thought my shop was closed. But for clientele of such high esteem perhaps I can make an exception.” She grinned like a Cheshire cat, her teeth gleaming white. There was something vaguely intimidating about her but Laura was pleased she was finally getting some respect. “Do you want to see a magic trick?” the woman asked, still smiling smugly.
“What?” Laura sneered, “I don’t have time for-“ but all of a sudden Laura couldn’t move a muscle. Her pouty lips were left hanging open slightly and she felt her toned body slowly being lifted into the backroom by seemingly nothing. The women had her hand raised, palm open and pointing at Laura. “That’s better,” sighed the women, allowing Laura to land gently on a small stage in the centre of a large changing room. Floor to ceiling mirrors covered every side allowing Laura to watch helplessly at her athletic and tanned body from every angle. She was wearing a small tube top and ripped denim shorts.

The woman snapped her fingers and suddenly she was naked. Her breasts, still perky, plumped outwards a bit, free from her top but other than that her stance had not changed. She was still frozen in place, horrified and unable to move. She couldn’t scream or run for help. She could only blink and move her eyes. Her thigh gap and tight ass could be seen from an alternate angled mirror while her toned abs were on full display directly in front of her.
“How about this dress?” the woman laughed snapping her fingers once more. Laura was suddenly wearing what seemed to be a dress made of a fishnet stocking. Black, shiny leather diamond pieces of fabric seemed to barely conceal her breasts and crotch area but other than that it was exposed skin covered by a criss-crossing net-type fabric. Despite her panic Laura allowed herself a moment of vanity. Laura actually loved it. She looked gorgeous and incredibly sexy. No one other girl would be able to compete with her body. Even her professors would be jealous. Suddenly she found her self able to move her mouth despite her feet still glued to the small stage.
“I’ll take it,” she said firmly. The woman’s eyes glinted and she had not stopped smiling.
“Very well. One more small adjustment.” She snapped her fingers and suddenly everything changed for Laura. Her breasts suddenly grew enormously – by at least 3 cup sizes. They were now swollen and incredibly bouncy, like a pornstars. Her hard nipples were now obvious through the black leather.
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