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Chapter 1 - months 0-4

Months 0-4

I could tell you had put on weight recently when I met you at the pet store. I guess I have an eye for that sort of thing. You were still small though, probably around 140lbs at 5’2. But those jeans were struggling to contain your ass, and even though they were high waisted, I could see your upper belly muffin topping over them. Your movement was stiff from how tight your outfit was. I could tell how uncomfortable it was for you. Even though you were a bit small for my taste, your pretty face, thick ass, and the fattening iced mocha Frappuccino in your left hand was more than enough for me to shoot my shot. I got right behind you at the checkout line. Your were getting food for your cat so I started talking to you about different brands and what not. It became clear that you were very into me, as you started giving me pretty sexual innuendos half way into our conversation. I mean, at 6’2 180lbs my build was quite lean and muscular. How could you say no to my jawline and international appearance? You were practically asking me out by the time it was your turn to checkout in line. The cashier was giving us looks.

I quickly became your go to source for reassuring you of your insecurities. For the first few weeks of seeing each other you were always telling me how you were trying to loose the weight you’d put on before meeting me and how tight your clothes had gotten and how fat you felt in public. But I kept reassuring you that you carried the weight well and that I was very attracted to your fuller figure. On our first few dates it was apparent you weren’t eating as much as you wanted to, but the more I told you how attractive I thought you were (and the more I showed it intimately), the more you eased up. And when you ate how you wanted to, boy did you eat.

I remember the first time I took you to Chipotle. This must have been our 5th date at the time. I ordered my usual chicken bowl (a staple for me), but I was not prepared for your order. You ordered a fully loaded carnitas burrito with extra queso, cheese, and sour cream. They weren’t able to wrap it with 1 tortilla, so they had to use a second. On top of all this, you also ordered chips and a large soda. I was really struggling to hide my boner and you could tell how turned on I was getting, which only turned you on. We went back to my place to eat. You finished your soda on the car ride home along with most of the chips which you said we’d ‘share’. Around half way through your burrito, it was clear that you were getting full. But seeing how I was even more turned on than I had been earlier, you unbuttoned your shorts and continued packing in those delicious calories. After 40 minutes or so you had finally finished your meal. With sour cream around your mouth and through moans of discomfort, I carried your fattening body to my bedroom. I’d done this before, but this time you felt considerably heavier. I was extremely hard and proceeded to fuck your brains out for the next 60 minutes. You were too full to do much, so you just laid there on your back enjoying yourself. You loved how I kissed and caressed your body. I couldn’t count the number of times you orgasmed. After our lovemaking I was pretty exhausted. You were to, but more so from having to consume and digest the monstrosity of a meal you had ordered from Chipotle. The rest of the night I hand fed you peanut m&ms and rubbed your distended belly as we watched various episodes of Friends.

You grew attached to me very quickly. But our affection for each other was not the only thing that was growing rapidly. You used to go to spin class 3 times a week. That dropped to twice a week, before you stopped going entirely. You used to come with me to the gym sometimes, but now anytime I offered you’d say that you were too tired from work. You worked from home as a customer service rep, and now that you weren’t getting any exercise from the spin class or the gym, you were completely sedentary. I’d sometimes check the health app on your phone just to see how active you were through the day. I’d get super turned on seeing how your activity had drastically declined over the past few weeks. Some days you’d barely get in 300 steps. Any semblance of a tan you had disappeared, leaving only pale white skin.

Your diet gradually began to get worse and worse (better and better?). You loved Starbucks so I made sure you started your day off with the largest most energy dense drink they made. Those things were practically milk shakes. You began regularly getting large sodas with every meal and snacking on chips or Oreos between meals. Your consumption of fruits and vegetables had fallen to zero. Your stomach capacity had increased, and you were starting to eat more and more each week. If I had to guess, you were probably putting away 5-7 thousand calories a day, mostly of fast food and junk. This was 4 times as much as a girl your size should be consuming, but you were doing it with ease despite zero exercise. Your hedonistic habits were starting to show big time.

Around 12 or so weeks into our relationship you’d outgrown all of your clothes. I mean, they were already getting a little tight when we first met, but now you couldn’t even get a single pair of pants or shorts to button. Most of them wouldn’t even make it past your upper thighs. Your leggings were practically bursting at the seams if you could even manage to get them over your ass. All of your shirts were either turning into crop tops or made you look like a sausage. The only thing you could wear anymore were your sweatpants and my hoodies. Your face had gotten much fuller and your had grown a noticeable double chin. Your arms were nearly the size of mine and your fingers were getting pudgy. Your knuckles had almost disappeared. Stretch marks began forming around your outer thighs, love handles, and around your lower belly. Your back had two thick rolls of flab on either side. Your butt had begun to take much up more space on my couch and in my hands, and your belly now definitively hung over your waist band even while you were standing. Your belly button had grown much deeper.

At this point, you were probably approaching 220lbs. I never knew exactly since we never weighed you, but every week it was getting harder to carry you from my couch to the bed. I’d become pretty strong from lifting weights over the years, but even for me, you were getting very heavy. You’d become a full blown butterball completely in denial of the sheer amount of weight you had gained. I mean, you knew you had gained some weight as you’d sometimes ask me if you were getting fat. But I always smiled and said no, not at all, all the while reassuring you that you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen (which I meant). Looking back at your old IG photos from a couple months before we had met, it was apparent you had more than doubled your size since then. You used to be a cheerleader in high school, the kind that was super lightweight and was thrown up into the air for tricks. Thinking about those other cheerleaders trying to lift you up now was such a turn on. They’d get crushed by your ever fattening ass and overflowing belly.

You’d complain that your clothes were getting too tight, but I’d put you at ease by saying they’d just shrunk in the wash. We’d go shopping online and you’d show me pants, shirts, and dresses you liked. I’d then buy them for you, but several sizes larger than your current clothing. When we first met you’d mostly wear a size small, but now I’d order clothes for you in an XL, sometimes even a 2XL just so that you had some extra room to grow into. I had spoiled you with affection, clothes, and decadent food, and it was showing everywhere.

I began to feed you while we had sex. At this point, you were used to just laying on your back while I did all the work. I’d begun using a vibrator to stimulate your clit while I took you to pound town. The sex was the best you’d ever had. You loved feeling my abs and back while I fucked you and fed you chocolates. Sweet foods had started to turn you on as you began subconsciously associate them with sex. You had grown into my greedy obese lazy girlfriend, and we were both loving it more than words could describe.

More chapters coming soon. Stay tuned!
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Fluffylove 10 months
Great chapter,hope you continue. Could use more descriptions on her body and her continued laziness.
Fluffylove 1 year
Where's Chapter 3?
Whoaskedforme 10 months
It has arrived smiley
Fluffylove 1 year
Love the second chapter. Hope the story continues for a good while
Nnnnnnnnnnnn 1 year
So far this is almost perfect. I really like when the feede is short in height.
Dan20 1 year
great story so far, only one criticism: 140lbs to 220 in just 4 months is absolutely unreal, it would have been a lot more realistic if you would have said it's been like a year
Whoaskedforme 1 year
In retrospect, I completely agree. It’s my first story so I guess I jumped the gun a bit there. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll apply it to future stories I write.
Fluffylove 1 year
Love the start,please continue. Maybe more descriptions of her ever growing body
Whoaskedforme 1 year
Thanks, I tried to add more in the second chapter.